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Hacked Off campaigns for a free and accountable press. Established in 2011, it has become an influential movement for change in UK press regulation policy. More than 175,000 members of the public signed our petition calling for implementation of the recommendations of the Leveson Inquiry. We also work with, and have the support of, many victims of press abuses. Hacked Off is working for the implementation of the cross-party royal charter on the press and the establishment of effective and independent self-regulation for newspapers in line with the Leveson recommendations. We and our supporters want to ensure that the public are better protected against unscrupulous press practices in the future, and are provided with affordable, fair and straightforward redress when things go wrong.

The campaign

In 2011, Hacked Off helped bring about a public inquiry into press practices. Once Lord Justice Leveson’s inquiry was under way we helped victims of press abuse tell their stories, including phone hacking, stalking, bullying and harassment.

After an exhaustive inquiry lasting nearly a year and a half, Lord Justice Leveson delivered his recommendations in late November 2012. Hacked Off now wants to ensure that the recommendations of this independent judge, appointed by Government to scrutinise our system of press regulation are given a fair hearing. Working closely with victims of various press abuses, and on their behalf, Hacked Off believes that now is the time for Britain to have a better press that is answerable to the public it is supposed to serve.

How you can help

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to change the British media. Make sure that you are involved. Please show your support for the victims of press abuses by signing our petition. Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook to ensure that you are part of the change which will help deliver a freer and more accountable press in the UK.

Whatever the press decide to print about attempts to continue with the failed system of self-regulation, the editors and owners of most national papers have set their faces against change and are determined to carry on as before. So we have a battle on our hands to ensure that the public are told all of the facts. Share this website with your friends on Facebook and Twitter, because this time we can’t rely on the press.

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8 Responses to “About”

  1. Christopher Lee Power

    Although the press play a part in an actors life which can help regarding that film or promotion. In 2008 I had brought y autobiography out and whilst resting as an actor took a job to survive. A journalist found out about my book and got in touch with my work place and found out that I had been cleared to work for Liverpool One. However because they had poked their nose into my job I was sacked. it became front page news . I was innocent and getting on with my life. I had made a mistake 25 years ago and went to a detention centre for getting drunk . So there you are .

  2. Mrs. Ann Elizabeth

    I support your campaign. You are right that newspapers need independently regulating. The evidence of cossy links between newspapers and government seems overwhelming and the links between newspapers and police is appalling. It is totally ironic that the person who will most influence the govt responce to Levinson is David Cameron who is/was so obviously deeply socially involved with top Newscorp figures. Sadly I think that the other side of the coin is what newspapers and TV seem to collectively ignore so that people who should have a voice don’t. I think this is happening to the victims of the Care Homes Scandel in North Wales and the victims of Jimmy Savile. It seems that whenever concerns are raised involving big business, the banks, the police, government etc that cut really deep and should demand real changes that these groups just close ranks. I myself have tried to interest journalists in the problem of opioid painkillers but no one wants to know. The Channel 4 prog last night was very informative. Good luck. I hope you make a difference.

  3. Jackie Coultas

    I saw Hughs channel 4 doc. I thought he was going to cry at the end. I could see what he was getting at namely where is the compassion in the media just for the sake of a story to sell papers. Compassion has been sold for the price of a paper.

  4. Mike White

    David Bells Common Purpoose illegally garnered my peronal data – name, email, home address and telephone numbers and entered these in to a black list which told lies about me. Fact

  5. joanne.gill@gillfine.co.uk

    When are you going to tell people that the only reason the Levenson enquiry was started was because you massaged the facts in the Millie Dowler case accusing the News of the World of deleting messages when it was the service provider.
    You are a campaigning organisation supported by the rich and famous who want all the benefits of fame without having ever to be accountable for the dubious way they behave in their personal lives. This has nothing to do with ordinary people being treated with respect or having their privacy protected.
    I hope the new regulator falls flat on its bottom and journalism continues to be the bedrock of truth in our society. Peter Lilley was right when he said it was Orwellian.

  6. Rebecca Alessi

    I’m an Italian High School Student and with my teachers I told about this battle which is very important for our future!I think that freedom of the press is very important for our life and generation because is thanks to the press that We can improve our knowledges!I started to be interested about this argument two years ago,when Italian News told about Hugh Grant,my favourite actor and from then,I started to watch videos and read articles about it…I support you!Rebecca

  7. James Murphy

    Happy 2014! What strikes me here is the emphasis upon the pastoral care of the victims: a truly worthwhile cause and it transcends the politics. It’s also critical to promote that idea of ‘freedom’ of expression. This is NOT a campaign about restricting press freedoms; it is about rediscovering the ideals of ethical journalism and protecting rather than preventing genuine reporting in the ‘public interest’. The alternative is the very Draconian legislation that this campaign is equally opposed to; which could emerge but for a clear reinvention of best practice in the Press, via strong championing of the Leveson proposals. Some say you are a threat to press freedom. I say you are press freedom’s last great hope. Keep up the good work!


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