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  1. Wm F Seabrook

    BBC News Web Site – ‘Campaign group Hacked Off said the prime minister’s announcement “shows that he’s still protecting his friends in the press and betraying press abuse victims”.’

    On the BBC News it has been suggested that if David Cameron is defeated in Monday’s debate on a Royal Charter, he can face the press and say ‘at least I did my best’. The inference is that he more concerned by the way he is judged by the media than the public. Maybe the press have a little more influence on policy than they are prepared to admit.

  2. Peter

    You are all complete fools meddling with laws that have the potential to lead to dictatorship and censorship in the future.
    If you look back through history, the law of unintended consequences has ravaged us thanks to people not having the foresight to see how their plans might go wrong or might be used in the future. One of the most important freedoms we have as citizens is the right to free speech and the right to a free press. So important is the latter that it is the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America which, however it may have turned out, was set up as near a perfect democratic system as mankind has ever devised.
    All that needs to be done is for those who break the law to be punished by the law. We do not need to meddle in free speech and free press because the results can be catastrophic.
    If the MP’s can, and they most likely will, they will be involved at some point in the creation of this “independent” regulatory body which, in turn, immediately makes it impossible to be neutral and independent. With MP involvement, the Press will be under the thumb, in some small way, of the politicians, an idea which has sent shivers down the spine of every freedom loving individual since the dawn of democracy. This small grasp has the potential to be used and developed so that it becomes a strangle hold and a weapon which could be used to spout propaganda and tint the news completely into biased reporting.
    You are not helping anything by chipping away at one of the only real and effective checks on the unlimited power of Parliament that we have in the UK, only weakening further what is already a tenuous grasp on democracy in this country. You might not like the media, but they are a protection and a vital part of our society if kept free, and if tainted, can wreak untold damage far worse than a few phones being tapped. Politicians are not to be trusted and you are entrusting a sacred freedom to their care needlessly.
    Please see sense and realise you are doing more harm than good.
    A very concerned freedom, and justice, loving citizen.

    • lan

      Good points but your ignoring the reality.
      Its useless as it is, the things you worry about are happening now.
      U.S is just another example of how people have been abused in the name of it.

  3. Robert Price

    Your website email thing is rubbish. I have tried my post code to write to my MP so many times and you keep saying you don’t recognize it. Sort it out. How many more votes are you wasting????

  4. keith benfield

    You have sold us all down the river, all the people who sent donations no matter how small and the many thousands of us who signed your petition and got a debate in parliament. This is not what you said you wanted and now I must ask what are you receiving as a backhander. I am now ashamed that I backed you. Hugh Grant should go away into oblivion.
    Keith Benfield.

    • Little Richardjohn

      What are you drivelling about?
      Try blaming those to blame for obstructing progress, not those furthering it.
      What did you expect? That one signature from you and Rupert Murdoch bursts into tears?
      Do grow up.

  5. Anton

    Thank you very much for ending freedom of the press in Britain because you couldn’t be bothered to read your mobile phone instructions and institute a non-guessable password for checking voicemail from other numbers.

  6. annie saunders

    Freedom of the Press is far more important than the preening egos of the Hacked Off crowd.
    Comment 1: the way wealthy celebs have ridden on the backs of the Dowlers etc is utterly repulsive.
    Comment 2: Hmmm……we should take seriously someone with the surname MOSLEY who attends German themed S&M orgies? Or Hugh Grant who obviously so loved playing a PM in a (lousy) film he now thinks he can play the PM? BLOG OFF


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