The government’s consultation on the press: Amber Rudd and Karen Bradley are trying to deceive the public

15 Nov
The government’s consultation on the press: Amber Rudd and Karen Bradley are trying to deceive the public

Home Secretary Amber Rudd and Culture Secretary Karen Bradley have launched a public consultation on the press, but in flagrant breach of the spirit of honest consultation they are twisting the truth and loading the odds. The full online document runs to 35 deeply flawed pages, but this article analyses only the short introduction written

25 Feb
An ‘external reviewer’ for IPSO? We’ve heard that one before

By Brian Cathcart The more that IPSO struggles to appear different from the discredited Press Complaints Commission (PCC) it is supposed to replace, the more it reveals itself to be just the same. In its latest spasm of activity it has appointed an External Reviewer in the person of Sir Joseph Pilling, a former Permanent

24 Feb
IPSO’s sham audit will never have any legitimacy

Commenting on the news that IPSO have appointed Sir Joseph Pilling to audit themselves, Dr Evan Harris, Joint Executive Director of Hacked Off, said: “This external audit of IPSO is not independent and nor is it directed to the criteria needed for a regulator to be deemed as independent or effective. Those criteria were set

24 Feb
IPSO fails the test

By Brian Cathcart How do we know when press regulation is good enough? The question is topical because IPSO, the self-regulator established by the big corporate newspapers, has been trying lately to persuade us it can be trusted to do its job. IPSO has revealed changes to its rules which it says give it increased

24 Dec
#1in5Muslims: how even Twitter does a better job than IPSO

November press monitoring blog by Georgia Tomlinson In November, the Sun published a front-page story entitled ‘1 in 5 Brit Muslims’ sympathy for jihadis’ based on a survey commissioned by the Sun from the polling company Survation. It also published an opinion piece by Kelvin McKenzie headlined ‘This shocking poll means we must shut door

04 Dec
Newspaper Industry releases revised “Editors’ Code”, more comfort for tabloids, nothing for the public

by Dr. Evan Harris A group made up mainly of newspaper editors has released a revised version of the press industry standards code which it instructs IPSO to administer and to “take active steps to ensure that publications” adhere to. The revisions are the result of secret meetings of the “Editors’ Code of Practice Committee”,