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Under this section, you can find policy documents which have either been submitted to consultations or have been used as briefing documents for parliamentarians.

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11 Jan
Hacked Off’s response to the Leveson Consultation

Our response to the Consultation can be found here. Further to our main response, please also find below further evidence and analysis in support of our position. 1. The following publications produced by Hacked Off in support of our position. These documents highlight the failures of the status quo and need for reform.   The Failure of IPSO

10 Oct
Hacked Off submission to the PRP: IMPRESS’ application for Recognition

Please follow the link below to read Hacked Off’s submission to the independent Press Recognition Panel, regarding the application of the IMPRESS regulator for recognition under Leveson’s criteria for independence and effectiveness.   Response to PRP consultation on IMPRESS’ recognition application