#NoBrokenPromises, Mr Cameron

Posted: April 5, 2016 at 8:00 pm

David Cameron is breaking all four key promises he made to the British public at the time of the Leveson Inquiry.

There are three things you can do today to support our #NoBrokenPromises campaign:

1) Urge your MP to ask the Prime Minister to meet with victims of press abuse, without delay.

2) Support our social media campaign by sharing and re-tweeting our posts on Facebook and Twitter (please set your Twitter notifications to ‘on’ so you don’t miss a tweet).

3) Sign our Leveson Declaration to show your support and join our mailing list.



If Cameron continues in this way it will be as though Leveson never happened. His government will be back in collusion with the big press companies and newspapers will be as unaccountable for their abuses as they were in the days when Milly Dowler’s phone was hacked. 

The corporate press and the politicians will have won again, just as they have always won before, and it will be the public – ordinary people facing newspaper cruelty – who will lose out.

We must stop this happening.   


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  1. Alan Taylor

    It’s a travesty that this has gone for far too long, just who is pulling the strings, I think we can all have a good quess.

  2. Tom Ronan

    They just everyone to forget everything they promised the victims of press abuse. It`s more proof that you cannot believe a word that Cameron says.
    The press are manipulative bullies that need to be faced down….well done HO for keeping on keeping on!

  3. Terry Anton

    We have to stay positive and keep going public eventually someone with an ounce of decency will listen,take care all xx

  4. richard

    Tinker Tailor Soldier eton

  5. Stephen Barber

    Mr Cameron, you must live up to the promises you made after the Leveson inquiry. You said you had learned lessons. Let’s see the sings that you have.

  6. Ronald Hartley

    The present press regulatory body is an organisation set up by and controlled by the press itself. It was precisely this form of biased self-regulation that led to the Leveson Enquiry in the first case. The Press showed then it cannot adequately protect the public from its own misdemeanours and must not be allowed to repeat the same mistake, for their sake, and ours.

  7. Sean

    Leveson part 2 must take place: its remit involves, in effect, police collusion in the harassment of members of the public, by the press: and that is one of the reasons why Whittingdale and the Government, in general, has ‘forgotten’ about it.

    David Cameron is part of this: he is, after all, a former PR Boy, well endowed with qualities of superficiality: skilled at making the right noises, which amount to nothing.

    The unhealthy, incestuous relationship between the press and body politic needs to be ended: without it this country will be a far better place to live, far more able to deal with the real issues that present this society.

  8. Derek Taylor

    I am a lefty but I respected John Whittingdale to a degree for his handling of the Leveson Enquiry. And then he started to weaken the BBC and inflict damage in spite of its being perhaps the best and most trusted broadcaster in the world. I began to wonder why anyone would want to do this to such a revered and unique institution which genuinely (for all its weaknesses) adds enormously to the pleasure of living in Britain.

    And now I know. It was a reward to Rupert and News International, not just for supporting the Tories politically, but even more in fear of the blackmail hold they had on Whittingdale.

    They are destroying the very integrity of the nation.

  9. Janet Phillips

    I am supporting your campaign, but do not believe that Whittingdale’s activities should have been publicised, and do not feel that you are doing the campaign any favours by arguing that it should have been. What happened, and what Levinson reported on was wrong, but you cannot argue that publicising Whittingdale is right and at the same time condemn what the Press has done to the victims of this affair.

  10. Professor Michael R W Brown

    The Leveson enquiry must be completed. The public is informed by a mostly right wing press, dominated by right wing owners influencing our perception of the world and who have been shown to be very unscrupulous.

  11. Joyce and James White

    Why Cameron can stand by and let this happen. I wonder what Leveson will be thinking.

  12. Diane Soye

    Cameron says one thing and does another. He has done it so often it has become almost mundane. He is an affront to our democracy and treats the voters with contempt.

  13. Dr Michael Condon

    If you fail to live up to your promises and undertakings to the electorate, there will be a strong odour of chicanery or cowardice around. Be the honourable politician you claim to be and fulfill your promises.

  14. Margaret Malcolm

    Oh! dear, this is not a surprise. So many politicians have had careers in the media and editors have links throughout the government. This and the number of high ranking police getting jobs with newspapers when they retire plus lots of other indications such as who is married to who, which family they come from etc.etc. shows us that these people are working for solely themselves – not the good of society. They think the populous is nothing but a collection of fools. Too many ordinary people vote these people in. That’s what needs to change.

  15. R.L. Booth

    Typical of corrupt politicians. Say one thing to keep you happy and do the opposite behind their backs !!.

  16. Chris Donovan

    Where does any Culture Secretary get the Power to Unilaterally behave as John Whittingdale has done? This surely must be the most relevant question even though I agree his current position is compromised by what has been revealed. Here lies the REAL principle. Precisely what principle gives him the right to act unilaterally on what has been agreed by both sides of the House of Commons. IT IS OUR GOVERNMENT AND NOT HIS!! For that alone he needs to be called to account – the rest is simply the obvious consequence of an already unprincipled position. British Governance!?? Hightime it is overhauled from Top to Bottom!

  17. fred t

    words fail me how low they can go down to

  18. Richard O'Grady

    Democracy is dead in this Country. 1.5 Million and more not registered to vote, ruled by a Party with ONLY 38% of the vote. Big Business calling the shots in what can and cannot be made LAW. Heaven help us, the all to silent majority.

  19. Martin Dominic

    The capacity of the political long grass to conceal much more delayed action, on a range of issues, must be very limited. The ongoing delay in fulfilling the commitments regarding the Leveson report makes a person suspicious and fearful about the influence of non elected parties in the back ground having undue influence.

  20. Ken BRUNTON

    I just do not understand how the tories ever get elected, much like the Repugnicants in the US. Honestly, why do people vote for them? It really is like turkeys voting for Xmas.
    We need some sort of revolution to return power to the People, for the People and by the People.
    The follow on and effects of Leverson are execrable and utterly inexcusable. Leverson did a good job, clearly too good for these clowns cameron, whittingdale et al. I think we know what whittingdale is by the way he was down in the dirt.

  21. BRIAN

    PM Cameron – you have already made too many U-Turns , honour your commitments on press regulation and so leave something of a legacy before you move on to the EU or UN or wherever !B

  22. Ken BRUNTON

    This is indefensible; Dodgy dave is at it again. His friend (LOL) and neighbour brooks is back in post, after her £12m payoff for destroying all the evidence; books’s boss, that little turd murdoch, is calling the shots all over again, but as usual. cameron and his pals were all at murdoch’s Xmas party.
    I ask you, when will the great British Public have had enough of these political sh1ts masquarading as our ‘leaders’? They DO NOT have our interests at heart; they are self centered, greedy and probably mostly corrupt.
    For goodness sake get these rotten tories out and let the decent Corbyn have a go.

  23. David and Betty Tilford

    Leveson should be implemented in full without further delay. The latest ‘events’ involving the current Culture Secretary bring the importance of the matter into even closer focus.



  25. Dave Mitchell

    What else do you expect, it would be too much to expect politicians to keep their word !

  26. Andy Stevenson

    Further proof the Government is hand in glove with the press and not willing to take further action. Based on the reactions I heard on the radio, the press apologists are claiming the story is a non event inspired by the left wing BBC, and other sections of the print media. Utter rubbish.

  27. Richard Addison

    All the fine words uttered by Cameron were before 2015 when the Liberals were the junior partners in the government. He will have been reacting then to public disgust at press activity and to Liberal pressure inside the government for reform. Now he doesn’t have to listen to anyone. Most members of the public probably assume (if they think about it at all) that the Leveson inquiry is now law, and the Liberals have been cast aside. So does anyone seriously think a Conservative government is going to move against its supporters in the press any more than it has to?

  28. Mike Phillips

    The government, and the press, simply cannot see that it is precisely this sort of behaviour that weakens the case for ‘freedom of the press’. Pendulums always swing too far, and the next time such a scandal erupts the public is likely to call for restrictions on this ‘freedom’ that perhaps many of us may not want.

  29. Frank North

    I am surprised that everyone is surprised at the turn of events regarding the Leveson Report. The Conservatives have always supported their own. One nation conservatism? Don’t make me laugh!!

  30. Derek.

    I am surprised and disappointed that no-one has commented on John Whittingdale’s debt to the Murdoch empire effecting the BBC do badly. I have wondered why Whittingdale has been so negative towards the world’s best broadcaster and now we can see he owes a huge favour to Murdoch for keeping his sordid secret, a secret. He should resign.

  31. Robert

    Implement section 40 and keep your promises Mr Cameraon!

  32. Ted thomas

    Dangerous times for British politics at a time when we also get to hear of the extent of tax avoidance/evasion.

  33. Richard Weston

    Going to be a dodgy Dave or will you keep you promise on this one. If you are going to retain a shred of credibility you need to stand by your word, at least once!

  34. Mel Moore

    When THEY really come for you, Mr Cameron, who will intercede?

  35. Terry Tattersall

    Why do we expect politicians to keep promises that are not in THEIR interests. Time to get rid of professional politicians and let honest people do the job according to conscience.

  36. David Curran

    Implement Leveson. Do what’s right.

  37. Everlie Turpin

    Mr Wittingdale must go !

  38. RBHoughton

    Government shooting itself in the foot.

    Protecting the MSM from its subscribers simply speeds the transfer of news provision from government’s business friends to the myriad new “one man and his cellphone” digital news services.

  39. Pip ryland

    Tories seldom have any ethics. It can be their motto “We say what you want to hear but we do as our masters bid us and what in the long run lines our pockets.”
    I am deeply disturbed by the gullibility of those who vote for them .

  40. Stevie Ocean

    Look the law is meant for all without exception no excuses the leveson report makes that very clear

  41. Dr. M A Jabbar

    He should resign immediately.

  42. Roger Boulton

    Cameron is not interested in morals, ethics or principles and this is exemplified by his ‘management’ of the out-turn of the Leveson enquiry. The ‘top table’ of Tory toffs are hand-in-hand with the media moguls and, consequently, they will drag their feet as long as possible so that nothing is done. Shades of the shameful delay in the independent report on Iraq!
    Now we have the embarrassing stance taken by our Cultural (sic) Secretary who is blind to his position despite having a relationship which certain media has kept under wraps which undoubtedly was done so that they could use it against him in the future – accepting that this will not happen now that the matter has been made public.

  43. Colin Smith

    Saying one thing because it’s good PR, doing something else because it’s only right! That’s my motto… D Cameron

  44. Bruce Dickson

    If our little but Sarajevo-like IN/OUT filibust masks the real debate on US hegemony becoming US deficit becoming global implosion, will Leveson-free control-by-amoral-press aka IPSO keep the sickness going too long for any cure to happen ever? Not least, as EHN shows, endocrine disruption, sperm count change and endometriosis, agrichem diets, water quality, DNA degradation, sick meme-infection and kleptocracy are the headlines an ethical press would be bannering.

    Hacked Off carries the only cheery message for the century: Leveson 2 rules, now, please.

  45. Mr Kenneth Gould

    Mr Cameron, don’t be like other prime ministers of past days, stick to your word. Levenson legislation is far too important to add water to the mix, Part 2 of Levenson must be passed by Parliament and added into law. Don’t delay, act today.

  46. Anon

    It is pathetic that a minister can shelve the action of the law in this respect, and the Prime Minister just shuffles the deckchairs.
    We need something more robust than a ‘suspendable’ Section 40…. designed for ministerial intervention, no doubt.
    Whittingdale in suspenders! A delightful prospect.
    Judicial review, perhaps?

  47. Derek Edwards

    I agree with Gavin Waddell’s comments ,quote

    “The Leveson enquiry was of vital importance to our democracy and if it is allowed to be ignored the whole purpose of its vital findings will go into history unheeded !”
    I would also add, what about the case of the unfortunate Mille Dowler. Come on Cameron the least you can do is ensure the recommendations by the Leveson Report are fully implemented, before the end of your career as PM

  48. alan brooks

    History will judge you very harshly Mr. Cameron if bend your knee to Murdoch.

  49. M M H Sewell

    We need a powerful independent body that can both defend the press when it seeks to expose politician’s and governments defects ,deficiencies, lies and corruption and also protect politicians from intrusive stories which may be of interest to the public but are not in the public interest or really must be made public in the interests of good government – Leveson plus not Leveson lite!.

  50. Lynne Whittemore

    The government repeatedly tells us what we want to hear suggesting that everything in the garden will be forever rosy, they’re in charge and of course you know you can take them at their word – as soon as our backs are turned all their golden promises are magically reversed. They have no shame.

    HONOUR your promises and implement all of Leveson – Mr Cameron.
    We want to know what really went on between the politicians, press and the police – and that it won’t ever happen again.

  51. Pat Carlen

    Must just keep fighting to get Leveson implemented.

  52. Susan Gassaway

    No wonder we don’t trust ANY politician these days. A sad reflection of life today… :((

  53. Les Lees

    Why do we not trust politicians? It’s people like you Mr. Cameron, people like you … prove me wrong, if you’ve the courage; after all, you’re resigning before the next election- or would an action of integrity and honesty spoil whatever deal you’ve made for your “retirement”?

  54. Rod BRADFORD

    Keep up the pressure on this corrupt Government.

  55. Robert Reynolds

    Those who can, protest! But until we have REAL democracy, in agreed equal partnership, people and leaders and planet will continue to be dragged-down by conflict of interest, to the bitter end. How much more evidence needed?

  56. Rob Walker

    Interesting to know when John Whittingdale’s relationship was first known to the press. And whether this ‘Sex Worker’ was paid for the information in the same way as the ‘hooker’ with the video was paid £20,000 to film Max Mosely – another case ‘not in the public interest’ but somehow getting there anyway. The question remains how this story was originally compiled and presented for any publishing interest. Surely the fact it was packaged and marketed within Fleet Street is enough to question why there was suddenly this wave of collective conscience that applied constraint and not published because it was not ‘in the public interest’.
    The answer looks suspiciously like blackmail.

  57. Bill Mahood

    It is time for the Government to be open about it intentions concerning Leveson and particularly those parts that have not yet been implemented. When the Government makes this clear then we, the public, can respond and say if we agree or not.

  58. robert vines

    Please mr Cameron put the honour back in the right honorable.

  59. Sue - Peteroborough

    It is beyond belief that the media think they’re capable of self-regulation when in fact it’s a few very wealthy people at the top of the newspapers who are running the show. Given all that’s gone on with the Panama Papers, is it surprising that they still think themselves above the law and regulation? As far as they’re concerned, money talks and that the way they wish it to stay – in all things. I’m sorry to sound so cynical but time and again this government and big business proves it to be right – they are a law unto themselves in all things. I think there should be a vote of no confidence in this government and they should leave office. There has been one U-turn after another, countless broken promises and on top of all that, nefarious affairs with government ministers making rules that favour themselves and large corporations to squirrel money away without having to declare their activities until pushed to the limit. How much more must a government do to prove to the public that they are not fit for office???

  60. Dave Servant

    this government has lost sight of looking after the interests of the majority of its citizens. Instead it is promoting the interests of a group who we have seen cannot be trusted.

  61. Brian

    Perhaps the gutter press got the idea to act like the mafia from the day murdochs son was asked if he had seen the godfather movie at leverson

  62. Rosalind Wilkinson

    Whittingdale is obviously now a poodle of the press barons and his position is therefore untenable. Cameron’s judgement has, once again, proved highly questionable, appointing Andy Coulson was bad enough but to keep Whittingdale in a position of influence over press regulation, whilst being subject to the whims of the likes of Murdoch and Brooks, beggars belief. When Mr and Mrs Cameron attended the Christmas party of Rupert Murdoch, it was a real slap in the face of all those poor victims of press abuse. Shame on the lot of them.

  63. Richard Cragg

    Leaving British cultural policy in the hands of a rabid free marketeer like John Whittingdale has been a disgrace right across his department’s brief. Leaving Leveson in his hands has been a particularly disastrous action by David Cameron and both should be ashamed of the reverses they have overseen. If the government does not implement Section 40 in the very near future, I would suggest Hacked Off should consult lawyers with a view to court action. I’ll chip in.

  64. Geoff May

    There is a stench emanating from Westminster Mr Cameron, it seems to be comming from YOU.
    Corruption Stinks!

  65. Chris J Smith

    Mr Cameron keep your promise’s…Implement section 40.

  66. Michael Buoey

    It is time to implement section 40 and the promises that were made.

  67. M Fitzgerald

    I am afraid Cameron is to cosy with Murdoch and Brooks to be interested in what the public think or would like to see happen, the sooner he and his cronies are kicked out the better

  68. Stephen T Lewis

    Mr Cameran – you need to sack this Culture Secretary, as he is reported as being a back pedaling, press friendly individual.. Then you need to move fast on Leverson implementation – if you yourself want to escape.

  69. Heather Brown

    Those who are determined to tip the balance decisively in favour of the rich and powerful don’t do so in one big move. Instead they shift a little something here, take away a small something there – and so on, until popular, hard-won gains have all been taken away. This is another example of how it’s done.

  70. Brenda Ball

    Implement section 40 don’t make false promises you know you’ll evade

  71. John Annable

    Perhaps the government should be given a dictionary so they can look up what the word promise means. The English dictionary : A declaration or assurance that one will do something or that a particular thing will happen:

  72. Trevor Hiscox

    The public don’t trust you Mr Cameron, stop the hype, keep your promises and implement section 40 now.

  73. Nigel Nuttall

    So much for a democratic society

  74. P Duke

    I cannot believe this Government is still in power after all the devious instances they seem to be trying to excuse and renege on previous commitments. When will we wake up and realise it isn’t the everyday people they are looking after. Greed doesn’t begin to adequately describe it.

  75. kenn

    Was all that work, all that money, all that time, all that paper for nothing?
    It’s a pity we can’t send Cameron & co to a desert island with nothing but the Leverson report to read … and a threat to leave them their until they can recite every last word of it from memory.

  76. Stephen R Gabriel

    So many words Cameron and so little action. You are contemptuous of the very people you are supposed to represent, the public. You waste million of pounds on enquiries that you then go on to ignore.

  77. Dennis Maisey

    Mr Cameron promised to do everything Leveson proposed, keep your promises.Implement section 40.

  78. Rowan Roenisch

    Don’t believe the media when they say they are now ‘behaving themselves’ by holding back on publishing stories about Whittingdale’s private life….this is just another case of the blackmail and pressure used by the media to ensure that Leveson 2 doesn’t happen and that proper independent regulation by Royal Commission never happens. We must fight even harder to implement all of Leveson.

  79. Anne Bebbington

    I am always willing to contact my MP but unfortunately the reply is the party line. As she is a junior minister she does not want to upset the apple cart. I can almost write her reply as I am pressing send for the email. It has been the same since she became an MP. I think this is sad that she doesn’t have a mind of her own.

  80. Peter Stevens

    Implement section 40. Keep your promises Mr Cameraon.

  81. Denis Rumbold

    Cameron, reverting to type. Once a PR man always a PR man. Say one thing to get people to vote for you, do as you like when in power! Sickening.

  82. Mr Webb

    We must press on with the intended direction of the Levenson Enquiry as soon as possible. Unfortunately we cannot trust Mr Cameron to implement this as promised.
    Also we all must push to Leave The EU as another item we are concerned about.

  83. Elizabeth Nesbitt

    I am saddened that the press are still pulling governments strings and dictating the agenda! I feel for the victims who gave evidence at Levison, they were given empty promises. However I’m disgusted that the press use not in the public interest as an excuse for not publishing the story! Don’t insult our intelligence. Mr Whittingdale stated he ended the relationship after being informed that a story had been circulated! So the press must have approached him and done the deal! By his own admission!

  84. Gerard Fisher

    This revelation about Whittingdale now makes sense. Now we know the reason for his indifference to the intimidation of Chris Bryant by the tabloids who threatened to expose details of his private life. This despite Chris Bryant’s open gay relationship being public knowledge.

  85. Patricia Doyle

    By this government Ministers have been given permission to do whatever they like – seemingly beyond our control, to quote Valmonte in Les Liaisons Dangereuses. Academies at a stroke for all schools, no discussion with the profession; the BBC to pick up the free licences for older viewers, and a Trust most likely to be selected by the government; cut this, cut that, destroy industry, force people into zero hours contracts – and on and on ……. There is nothing you can trust them with, and their words are weasel. They have to go before we can make this country democratic again, and decency and honesty can return.

  86. Kieran Duignan

    John Whittingdale’s conduct of is role in relation to the press (and BBC) is very unsatisfactory

  87. M Dale-Molloy

    Is nothing sacred? A promise is a promise and your government is breaking too many!

  88. Andrew Jakeway

    Mr Cameron – the way you have handled the Leveson Enquiry has been evasive from the beginning. I am now starting to look forward to your retirement.

  89. Terry Stevens

    How much longer do we have to suffer this Corruption, Like Watergate it goes all the way to the top.

  90. Colin Ward

    This is without doubt the most corrupt Britain has ever had.

  91. Norman Huntington

    Sleazy politicians + sleazy newspapers = two fingers to justice and democracy

  92. bob mcclenning

    “Such a a parcel of rogues in a nation”.Robert Burns’s comment on the UK government over 200 years ago.Nothing changes.

  93. Anne Cox

    I’m 69, was desperate to vote but couldn’t until age 25 when there was a general election and I voted with 18 year olds.
    Women died so that I could vote but I wonder why I still do. Having travelled to former UK and European colonies and been horrified by the corruption—–Who taught them, I wonder? Even in Uganda people buy quality UK newspapers because they think they tell the truth. The wise old man we stayed with listened to the BBC World News. The Government even want to put their claws into the BBC. Might as well go and live in China!

  94. Geoffrey Watson

    The Levison enquiry is in danger of being thrown into the long grass. Another scandal in the making.

  95. Jeff

    David Cameron, wii you keep your promises!

  96. J P McConnell-Wood

    Can understand why the general public are so fed up with this lot. Unfortunately the referendum is so important that the result could be swung as a protest against the government rather than rational consideration ….whatever that is.

  97. Alan Mansell

    Both Whittingdale and Cameron must see the perilous implications for democracy. The ‘Scandal’ is not in the Culture Secretaries’ private life but the potential interpretation of the Press having knowledge and his influence in their oversight.
    It is called ‘Compromised’!!!

  98. Chris Slater

    The press is trading favours in return for soft treatment. The BBC is so scared of politicians that it is hardly challenging them. Vested interests are have become judge & jury in their own cases. Is there no end to this corruption?

  99. Thomas Gardner

    I have a simple question.

    The newspapers in question decided not to publish because, they stated, it wasn’t in the public interest.

    How can they justify this decision in light of the other stories, of a similar vein, they have run?

    I will make no comment as to the role of the minister in question

  100. John Malcolmson

    This is a disgrace. Despite all the rhetoric the Government is falling at every turn to deal effectively with the press. It really is time for both Government and Opposition to put up or shut up they can’t have it both ways. Whittingdale’s position is untenable and he must withdraw and be replaced now, no matter how much confidence Number 10 have in him after all it is down to the publics confidence.

  101. Rod Gillard

    Dennis Skinner is correct Dodgy Dave is what he is a crook in a sville row suit.

  102. Nigel Rawlings

    Is there not a Parliamentary petition to get things moving? Now might be the time.

  103. Delma Warden

    In a truly democratic country our PM’s public promises would NOT have been sacrificed to protect the commercial interests of his party donors and media chums. Do the decent thing Mr Cameron without further delay and make a positive contribution to UK democracy.

  104. George Moore

    The self-interested influence of the Press barons over Government policy in this and other matters is causing increasing anger and disillusion amongst voters. Government of The Press, by The Press and for The Press is no substitute for the traditional definition of Democracy.

  105. Vivien Lilley

    As an expat living in Italy “was it ever thus?” is a phrase that resonates and makes me wonder if Cameron et al have sunk to same depths as the Italian political class/caste.

  106. Harry Bird

    Mr Murdoch and his henchwoman Brooks Must be so please with you Prime Minister. Take a peek at the world outside his coat pocket and deliver what you promised, or were they just more mealy mouthed words designed to placate us plebs. From the heart of the most rotten corrupt establishment set of toadies in the world. You make me sick.

  107. Malcolm Brown

    This does not surprise me in the least, this being the normal way this government works. It would appear that friends are more important than the people of this country.

  108. Stewart Faulkner

    Please stop saying one thing and doing another. Stick to your word.

  109. David Firman

    It is the function of a free press in a democracy, or indeed any political system, to speak truth to power.

    The majority of the print media in the UK represent the views and interests of a small group of proprietors, who in league with a section of our political class, have no interest in recognising or addressing the abuses that have arisen from their past behaviour.
    Arguably, the greater influence on public opinion is the broadcast media, which is why that same group is intent on attacking the BBC – not because it is politically biased as they like to claim, but because it does not overtly represent their self interested world view.
    When I met with my local MP – James Morris ( Cons Halesowen), at a ‘ Hacked Off’ event at the House of Commons last year, and to his credit he was one of very few conservative MPs who met with their constituents, I shared with him my concern that the Leveson outcomes would be brushed aside and that despite all that had happened, very soon it would be business as usual with the Murdochs in particular, back wielding their influence at the highest levels in government.
    His response, and he appeared genuine, was ‘I don’t think that will happen’.
    How naïve, mistaken, or just plain wrong could he be!

  110. Alan Brown

    We need the job completed

  111. Mervyn Barr

    This situation is disgraceful but so typical of Cameron who will say anything in the moment for popular support – only to renege on it later. He must be held to account to deliver on his high-sounding promises.
    Democrats should run Britain not corrupt and biased newspaper proprietors chasing circulation and manipulating the democratic process.

  112. Gavin Waddell

    The Leveson enquiry was of vital importance to our democracy and if it is allowed to be ignored the whole purpose of its vital findings will go into history unheeded !

  113. jeff Higgins

    This is fundamental to Democracy, by his inaction David Cameron is showing his contempt for the system and the British electorate

  114. Patrick Newman

    Breaking promises is a defining characteristic of Cameron’s premiership.

  115. Allen Hall

    It will be interesting to see how story editors deal with the press reports of Helen / Rob situation in theAtchers.

  116. Steve Cox

    Stop lying Cameron.

  117. James Auden

    So tempting just to shrug. Broken promises from politicians? Is there anything else they do? Important not just to shrug. But all that’s required for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing (Edmund Burke, I think). Online petitions are almost, but significantly not quite, nothing.

    Honour these promises.

  118. Steve Clarke

    Cameron must be held to account and not cosy up with the Tories’ powerful friends in newspapers.

  119. Andy Jackson

    Time for the government stand up and be counted. They will only deliver we if force them to be accountable, otherwise they will continue to cosy up the media moguls. Lest the government forget, they serve the nation, not the other way round.

  120. Ian Cooper

    As I remember Cameron promised to do everything Leveson proposed as long as it wasn’t crazy. he said the report was excellent but has done nothing to implement it. Some promise. It is high time he got busy and kept his promises. Too much time spent with press barons is his trouble.

  121. peter simcock

    David Cameron, keep your promises.
    Implement section 40.

  122. Steve Barnett

    I wonder if our Prime Minister will be asking Google for “help to forget”. But seriously it is shameful that these promises were made to the public and forgotten as soon as convenient for those press moguls and politicians who need to realise that news is mostly online these days and no longer in the hands of their old school chums.

  123. Richard Parker

    Broken promises are not only immoral, but can ruin people’s lives. Real change is needed.

  124. Patrick Tvilum

    Disgusting, A bad day for democracy in this country.. Shame on the press. Press showing they are just as bad as governments at concealing and deceiving the public when it is in their interest.

  125. Malcolm Whitmore

    The lack of action underlines everything wrong with our system of government where the press provide such a useful service to the party in power by their biasing news and sensations to meet the requrements of the government. This is a classic example and I will continue to ask for justice for the weak.

  126. Clare London

    Don’t give up!

  127. Don Reid

    Unaccountable to the very end.

  128. Annie Runnalls

    It seems that Mr Cameron and his government have done nothing to help victims of this abuse even after making promises to do so. The reinstatement of some of the newspaper employees to their old jobs must be such a slap in the face to those who were deeply affected by this whole scandal.

  129. Neil Wolstenholme

    Yet another example of our PM breaking public promises and sacrificing the public interest in order to protect the commercial interests of his media friends and party donors. Enough is enough. Keep your promises or resign.

  130. Julie Frazer-Morris

    Save some face Mr Cameron. Your party is failing on many many promises. Keep this one please

  131. Adrian Price

    Press abuse is abuse. The Dowler family expect more honesty from the government not false promises.

  132. David Bone

    Murdoch says “jump”, government says “how high?”