Everybody’s Hacked Off

With the recent announcement of Lord Justice Leveson’s recommendations into the culture, practices and ethics of the press, now is the perfect time to remind yourself of why the Inquiry was established in the first place. Everybody’s Hacked Off explains the history of press abuses and failed attempts at media reform in the UK, and why this time must be different.

The Penguin Special by Hacked Off founder Brian Cathcart, with an introduction by Hugh Grant, is now available to download for only £1.99. Head over to Amazon or Google or Penguin to start reading now.


The national press probably won’t be putting reviews of Everybody’s Hacked Off in their pages, so we need your help to make sure that people still hear about it. Share this page with your friends on Facebook and Twitter, and post your favourite sections to your networks as you read.

17 Responses to “Everybody’s Hacked Off”

  1. Dan

    Nice to see Alan Partridge making a timely appearance on this website – that would presumably be another case of Steve Coogan “invading his own privacy”, would it…? :)

  2. Andrew Dundas

    Once again, Cameron has failed to take the tough decisions that our country needs.
    The British national press media has an unusually powerful position in our nation. Readership of our national newspapers is much greater in Britain than in other countries. That near unique status in Britain gives their editorial decisions a much greater influence in both defining our national news agenda and the priorities within that agenda. Their widespread and persistent abuse of press power led to the Leveson Inquiry and to its conclusions.
    The Prime Minister has made a weak argument against Leveson’s fully supported recommendation. It’s that familiar ‘thin-end-of-the wedge’ argument that somehow supporting a legally independent body could create precedent for political control of the press. The legally independent bodies that have overseen our broadcast media for decades do not support that fallacy. Those broadcasters – ITV and the BBC – remain independent and their impartiality is widely admired around the world.
    I support the full implementation of Leveson’s recommendations.

    • H. Trewin

      The fear of Political involvement in the press/media is shallow.Take the Press/Media barons,concentrated at that into a few owners hands combine with Geo Political Bankers and MultiNational Corps and you have a unelected and very powerful voice which is and will be in the future far more damaging to a free democracy than a elected Government.
      The Rugulatory Body proposed could be represented by members from the press/media, law,citizens,Government etc etc and provide a accessable advisory service to the free press on borderline journalism so that the press/media are held ethically accountable for their actions.

  3. John Ritchings

    I have been pursued by the BBC with a hoax story for 21+ years and I cannot stop it. The hoax brought about a miscarriage of justice, but the BBC is so powerful that the police will not take them on in breach of their statutory obligations. The BBC is NOT impartial. It is politically ruthless and is out of control. Leveson is not going to help the victims of the BBC and neither does OFCOM.

  4. margaret quinan

    I am not surprised at camerons reaction to the inquiry , I heard the speech that Lord Leverson made , when he mentioned that this is the 7th time an inquiry had been made over the last 70years on certain behaviour , is that not a scandal in itself to have had seven inquiries ,and still having to sign petitions for the press to clean up its act .

  5. Stephen Wolsnum

    But it’s not true. We’re not all hacked off, because I’m not and a lot of other people aren’t. And I’ve signed the petition 4 times from different email addresses. A petition means nothing. And the raw appeal to emotions and victimhoood rather than reason is cheap, but then it appeals to the fluffy tendency, doesn’t it.

  6. Christopher Hutchings

    NO to police state statutory regulation and censorship of the press. YES to genuinely free and unbridled journalism.

  7. Roger J

    It’s likely the murky world of the British Press will continue their attempt to suppress support for proper statutory regulation, and politicians will certainly not want any changes to their propaganda outlets. I suggest a call to boycott all national newspapers for three months. There is a plethora of free news online, on TV and radio. This is one of the reasons newspaper circulation is rapidly falling, and anything that threatens their income further will have a very sobering effect I suspect.

  8. Jane

    How predictable! Over 146,000 people support the Hacked Off campaign to implement the recommendations in the Leveson Report, and the press response is to dish the (old) dirt on Hugh Grant (todays ‘i’). And they still think they can persuade us to let them to police themselves!!!

  9. david

    Just watched Panorama Programme on the Barclay Brothers, owners of the Telegraph. Thank god for the BBC,the press would not cover it, how else would we know

  10. Vilbert Taylor-Dubonnet

    I find it very interesting that there is now a large interest in phone hacking since celebrities have been hacked. The truth is many compannies are now hacking employees private phones and this has been practice for a long time. I personally have lost a very good job with a large organisation for challenging this. It would be useful to inform people how to prove their phone has been hacked. Mobile phone service providers are not allowed to trace messages on phones that may have been hacked because if the trace goes to the hackers pc they are infinging the hackers human rights.

  11. Gary Richards

    i have just read on here someone saying thank god for the BBC? really.what about the savile enquire . the elm guest house enquiry.Political and Royal involvment in pedophillia not just the BBC but SKY and all the other main news streems.nothink at all is it because they are scared or the powers that be are to powerful.with good reason if you follow Simian Press.com or Murun Buchstansangur on twitter you might get the real picture


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