Leveson Inquiry Live Blog

Posted: January 8, 2012 at 11:00 pm

Monday, 06.02.12



  1. Tino Gonzalez Lacoste

    We are now seen how far politicians were going out of their way to please Murdoch and in general the tabloid and the right wing media for their support in acquiring power.

    Apart or also because of the oil, did Tony order the disastrous invasion of Iraq to please neocon media moguls, the Texan oil Mafia and the right wing media in the US? Indeed, would he had been able to do it without their conspiratory reporting when one considers the opposition there was at the time to such an illegal aggression – let not forget the massive demonstrations here and in other countries.

    Leveson is quite a benign enquiry and will only dent their pockets and maybe their hubris. In a just World these guys would be in the Hague, sitting in a cell next to Bush, Blair and Charles Taylor (among others) for their murderous conspiratory actions.

  2. Dr Tony Agathangelou

    Might I suggest that as there appears to be no individual or group that would not agree that ‘freedom of the press’ is of paramount concern and must be safeguarded in Leveson’s inquiry, the single most effective political decision that could be made to ensure this, would be to deny private capital ownership of mass media in general and from the press in particular.

    Leveson should therefore focus on alternative models for this, starting with that applied to the (Trust) ownership, strategic objectives and management of the Guardian Newspaper. Leveson should inquire how this newspaper has been able to serve the ‘public interest’ beyond any other and so successfully despite experiencing severe financial difficulties. Only under such management can ‘self-regulation’ be trusted.