Christopher Jefferies asks that you show your support by signing the Declaration

Posted: November 29, 2013 at 1:27 pm

hacked off title for mail outIt was 2 years ago this month that I, and other victims of press abuse, gave evidence at the Leveson Inquiry. It was a year ago today that Lord Justice Leveson delivered his landmark report. It was a month ago that the Royal Charter, implementing his report, was sealed with all-party support.

Thanks to our supporters, we have been able to fund an advertisement in the Guardian today launching the Leveson Royal Charter Declaration, signed by over 100 leading figures from the worlds of literature and cinema, science and academia, human rights and the law.

The former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, the presenter Clare Balding, Emma Thompson Ian McEwan, Gary Lineker, John Cleese, Helen Fielding, Alan Bennett and many others have all signed. You can see the advert in the Guardian or view it on this link.

Like you, and the vast majority of the public, these signatories recognise that the Charter will deliver a free and accountable press and is in no way a threat to free expression. The declaration is now open for signature more widely, and we be very grateful for your support.

Please see the declaration in full here along with the names of the signatories. And remember every voice counts, please sign up.

Christopher Jefferies – Patron of Hacked Off


  1. Robert Reynolds - reply

    I am very glad to be amongst supporters of Hacked Off signing the Royal Charter Declaration, on the anniversary of the Leveson Report, reminding that a free press is one of the four cornerstones of democracy.This is along with a universal adult franchise, a sovereign parliament, and an independent judiciary. These pillars of democracy together can support the dome of democracy: our rule of, for, by the people.

    That dome would be also foundational, spanning the sea of chaos and conflict from which we arose and from which in society we long ago made our bridgeheads. Our hopes of building in prosperity and honour, on a deck of democratic peace, depend on the cornerstones and on the force that radiates – horizontally and evenly – from the central wedge-stone, the degree of understanding that informs and makes solid our educated agreement on equal partnership.

    All that we might build – our long life on Earth and our launch perhaps to refuge in new homes across space – will depend on the dome of democracy, on our sharing of power and so our strength of purpose, sharing universal individual freedom of conscience in enduring equality of income-share. Only with such sharing can exist the guarantee of our personal security and of the representativeness and represented-ness of citizens-all, high and low, in all hierarchies of decision-making, free from the fear and greed, the corruption, that otherwise inevitably would continue to rule from material conflict of interest.

    Let it not be said that naive trust was placed by us in just one cornerstone, or even in three or four, leaning perilously towards a void bridged by a failing falsework scaffold of greed, no spandrel, no deck even contemplated: no survival due.

  2. Berni Walsh - reply

    It is to be hoped that an effective regulating body will create a culture, where more time is spent preparing stories than in corrections following inaccuracies. A win win if you are committed to writing and reading the truth. For journalists of integrity, regulations protect their profession, where a lack of, has demeaned it.

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