Dr Gerry McCann responds to the Royal Charter

Posted: February 12, 2013 at 4:24 pm
A comment from Dr Gerry McCann following the release of the Conservative Royal Charter proposal:
Anything less that Leveson’s full recommendations will never satisfy the victims of press abuse. This Royal Charter plan falls far short of Leveson and it is shocking that ministers are admitting that they made a host of concessions to newspaper editors and proprietors. The Conservative Party can’t rewrite Leveson now. They must think again.
Read his full speech on how he thinks politicians should respond to Leveson here.
Find out more about the Royal Charter and how it falls short of Leveson here.



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  2. David Rose

    Back in September 2007, when Kate and Gerry McCann had been made suspects in their daughter’s disappearance and a daily flood of stories hostile to them was being published, I wrote this:


    It ran over 3 pages in the Mail on Sunday and was accompanied by a page 1 splash.


    The stories revealed that corrupt police officers who had already beaten another woman who lived near Praia de Luz into making a false confession as to killing her child were fabricating a case against them, and feeding lies to the media.

    The McCanns’ spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, was overjoyed, and told me later that Gerry and Kate believed (as did he) that my work was the single most important factor in turning opinion in their favour. I followed it up with other articles, including this MoS Review cover:


    Now Gerry is leading the Hacked Off campaign against a Royal Charter for the Leveson regulator, and demanding implementation of the report “in full”. He has refused to speak to me about this, despite several efforts I have made.

    The McCanns went through horror. My first big piece was very critical of many media colleagues, and it earned me their lasting loathing. But I am deeply disappointed by Gerry’s actions. The fact is, although he and Kate were traduced, especially by the Express, what they are supporting now would make the kind of journalism which I did in their support a lot more difficult to accomplish.

  3. mr t.lupton

    keep the politicians under pressure everyone
    you are doing a great job on them
    best wishes

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