Hacked Off response to Boris Johnson and Rupert Murdoch dinner

Posted: January 28, 2013 at 12:35 pm

Responding to reports in The Observer that reveal Mayor Boris Johnson dined at Rupert Murdoch’s Mayfair home last Tuesday night, a spokesman for Hacked Off said:

After the revelations unearthed during Leveson, you might think that senior politicians had learnt their lesson about holding secret assignations with newspaper bosses. Yet it appears that Boris Johnson just doesn’t get it.

It beggars belief that anyone could describe a dinner between the most powerful politician in London and the head of News Corporation, the company at the centre of the phone-hacking scandal, as a ‘private arrangement’.

The Mayor is also in charge of the Metropolitan Police Authority and it is totally inappropriate for him to be meeting Mr Murdoch in private while the Met are carrying out an investigation into Murdoch companies.

The Mayor’s attempt to keep the event out of the limelight suggests he may prefer to keep his closeness to Mr Murdoch a secret.

We urge all politicians to comply with the Leveson recommendations and publish full and up-to-date accounts of their meetings with media proprietors and editors. Given their past record of excessive closeness, and all the harm it has done, that is the very least the public can expect from those who represent them.

Add your voice to the victims of press abuse, and encourage your friends to do the same. Sign and share the Hacked Off petition to support Leveson’s recommendations.

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  1. Hamza

    I support the Hacked Off Campaign and believe that the government should introduce legislation for a Free & Independant Press, however Boris meeting Rupert Murdoch isn’t acceptable just because he is Mayor of London and incharge of the Met Police Service, I don’t agree with that because unless he is using Rupert Murdoch to gain some power by using his company or done something which undermines his role as Mayor then there should be disciplinary action. But just by meeting him privatley and having ‘dinner’ is completley acceptable. His private life shouldn’t affect his professional life :/

  2. Alan Toms

    What does this meeting tell you?

    It tells me that left to their own devices nothing in the press world and its murky links with politicians will change. They just don’t get it! Regulation backed by legislation is imperative if we are to protect decent people in this country and safefgard the future.