Hacked Off's Leveson Twitter Q&A this afternoon

Posted: November 29, 2012 at 1:02 pm

Leveson announces his recommendations any moment now. The Prime Minister received a copy yesterday, the Core Participant Victims and their lawyers are in a lock-in reading it now and Lord Justice Leveson will give a statement at 1:30pm. The Prime Minister’s response follows, and then the Deputy Prime Minster. Hacked Off will be holding a press conference shortly after.

Hacked Off want to make sure that the public are involved in the reform of our media. We will be holding a live Q&A at 5:30pm on Twitter directly following the press conference, during which a panel of experts and victims will respond to some of your queries relating to what Leveson reports.

When the inquiry started, Lord Justice Leveson ruled that journalists could tweet from the hearing room, enabling them to share publicly emerging information with the public instantaneously. The Leveson Inquiry also tweeted updates. Hacked Off provided some of the most comprehensive online coverage during the hearings to ensure the public were informed. We will continue to do the same as he announces his recommendations today, and as the legislative process continues.

We expect to start the Q&A to start at around 5:30pm. If you’d like to have your question answered by a victim of press abuse or one of our experts, tweet it to us with the hashtag #HackedOffQA. We’ll try to cover as much as we can.

In the meantime, please follow our Twitter updates throughout the day, and have a look at our must-read blogs on the right.

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  1. Anonymous

    You are administering the kiss of life to the disabled community in the UK.

  2. Anonymous

    You are causing tremendous joy and emotional release and I thank you on behalf of every disabled person in the country for this.

  3. Michael Pass

    I support the Hacked Off campaign.

  4. james paddon

    what is crazy, is the fact the PM was the man who instigated the leveson enquiry, insisted it was a matter of total transparency and even gave evidence himself, and then chooses to disagree with levesons findings, I wonder, what was the point other than to cloud his involvement and allude the public into seeing him has a good bloke putting things right…..well Dave this i promise you will come back to bite you from the place you speak out of the most!

  5. dennis sandeman

    It seems crazy that UK press including the Daily Mail have accepted the Irish rules with no problem to free press coverage but the Tories won’t agree. I feel this needs to be stressed in the argument.

  6. Alison Denham

    Keep it up. Your country needs you.

  7. emma beswick

    thank you so much for all you have done, and to hugh grant for using his influence on behalf of everyone in the UK