As you know, we don’t have the megaphone of the mainstream media. Editors and proprietors of newspapers have set themselves against change, and they can push their message on their pages. We try to debunk the myths they print, but we don’t reach as many people as the papers can as they land on doorsteps each day.

That’s why we need your help. If you think that people need to know the real facts about Leveson and press reform, not just what the press present as fact when it suits them, then you need to share this page, and share every blog post that you find interesting and informative.

Ordinary people are those who have been let down the most by the British press, but we can also be the ones who help achieve the reform that will mean the same abuses can’t happen again.

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  1. Riaz AHmed

    I have met Lord Hunt on a meeting or Racism in the British Press against Muslims. Lord Hunt admitted there is a culture in this press with racism against Muslims like there was a culture of racism towards Blacks in the 1980s and 1990s. I hope that you will put forward the findings of the CPS that over the past few years 54% of all race hate crimes are against Muslims. The girl attacked in Plaistow early last week is a Muslim, but the press on this ocassion prefered not to mention this. Any negative press then the person is a Muslim anything that is positive or shows the horrific truths in the country they choose to omit this fact. I am more than willing to come and talk to you on this.
    Kind regards

    Riaz Ahmed

  2. Jacob EcclestoneNo

    I worked on The Times for 19 years; I was Deputy General Secretary of the NUJ for 17 years. I was a member of the Press Council for three years in the 1970s – and saw what a sham it was.

    I am writing to congratulate you all – and Hugh Grant as front man – for a brilliant programme on why we need honest regulation of the British press.

    I have campaigned against self regulation for more than 30 years – mostly within the NUJ – but you (and Lord Leveson) have done something truly remarkable. You have managed to explain to ordinary people why self-regulation is a deceit, a falsehood, a figleaf to cover the sheer nastiness of big sections of the British press.

    I have no idea what Lord Leveson will recommend. But of this I am certain: you have brought together the victims of “press freedom” and shown that those who use the phrase so glibly – the Michael Goves, the Paul Dacres, the Boris Johnsons and the Lord Hunts of our society – know nothing and care nothing about truth and freedom of information.

    Thank you all for helping to change a rotten and corrupt system.

    Jacob Ecclestone

    • Peter C Morgan

      Leveson – Let the polluter pay

      Politicians repeatedly tell us that there is adequate protection against press intrusion under existing legislation. The problem for many victims is that they do not have access to adequate financial resource to be able to take on the press via our courts. Due legal process is very expensive and available only to the wealthy.

      I would like to see the principle of, “let the polluter pay” be brought to bear against the Press. Let them bear the cost of cleaning up the mess they have created by the application of an annual financial levy paid to a new independent Press Authority (P.A.) who would allocate funds to aggrieved individuals, families or bodies who have been subject to unwarranted gross press intrusion. The more demand on the P.A. for funds the higher the annual levy would become with an inbuilt bias in the levy demand toward those papers who transgressed most frequently. This would have the restraining effect of a No Claims Bonus.

  3. John Truscott

    I would like to know detail about Independent Regulation, exactly how it would work, how many people from what walks of life on the regulatory committee, how freedom from conflict of interest could be guaranteed etc. Can you kindly refer me to any sources of information?The fact that the opposition is so concerned to identify independence with “state control” suggests it might be effective.

  4. Derek McMenemy

    Perhaps it would be interesting for your organisation to make a push in Scotland. Press regulation is a devolved issue. The current political climate indicates that the SNP may lean toward legislation. In Alex Salmonds words, “If Westminster fails, we should lead the way”.

  5. Rick McCallum

    I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for your hard work and passion during the last 18 months – I know yesterday was only a partial victory – the real work begins now – but what you achieved in raising awareness is truly awesome – you should all be extremly proud, and as for all of us, we are indebted and beyond grateful for everything you have done. Let’s fight !!!!

  6. john Eldred

    Implement Leveson, the families and people tormented by the press deserve your support.

  7. david hill

    Be VERY careful how things are ordered, particularly with the Hunt-Black proposals,,,,,

  8. reg palmer

    When the guardians of our freedoms become the enemy of our freedom its cowardice not to act.

  9. Paul King

    Yet another Cameron U turn having set up the enquiry read the report digested the implications realised he might not have the media moguls in his back pocket come the next election: lol ( now is that lots of love or…..)

  10. Tony Schofield

    It’s good to know that David Cameron is making such a firm, vigourous and courageous response to Leveson. No sign of dither or vagueness here! We now definitely know, as does the Press, that the Rubicon has at last been reached. If the appointment of the new independent watchdog doesn’t result in avoidance of the breaches in journalistic standards so rampant since the Press was gorging itself in the Last Chance Saloon, then the dreaded legislation will be unavoidable. He’s been firm in his determination to make his case without defining the number of breaches needed to cross the Rubicon, or their degree of severity. It’s absolutely definite though, that this is the Newspaper Industry’s final chance to redeem itself – not only that, but its’ final final chance – it’s final final final chance in fact. Legislation must come about when we run out of “finals.” Cameron has spoken the last word on the subject!

  11. Leon Carter

    Dear Hacked Off,

    Being a Disabled citizens due to Stroke and thus a benefit claimant I know to well how the press can conceive their readers and many of the facts and statistics they print about the disabled and benefit claimants simple is far from the truth in the real world and is having a negative and even fatal impact on those it affects.

    The Full Fact website has been great over the years putting the true facts out their in the
    domain but do not get reported in the press as they should so I am fully supportive in your aims because this abuse inflicted on the most vulnerable in society must stop.

    The press must be seen to print the truth not only on the disabled, ill, elderly and vulnerable but also victims of crime no matter what race, religion, or sexual orientation they belong too, they must print accurate statistics from reliable sources and not lead their readership down the wrong path as that only serves to compound the issues and cause further suffering.

    I wish you well in your endeavours

    Kindest Regards

    Leon Carter

  12. michael power

    david cameron has got it wrong. there must be statutory oversight of the press complaints process

  13. Philip Hoe

    A small minority of the press will go to any lengths to get a ‘story’ and will go way way into the gutter to get it. These have no respect or dignity for the people they are reporting on and its these ‘Scum Press’ that should be ‘Policed’ and regulated against.

  14. Andrew Campbell

    I agree the press needs regulating under a carefully constituted legal system. There must be other democratic countries that have such good practice that we can learn from. What happens in Scandinavia? We are unlikely to find out from our own press.

  15. Andrew Heenan

    Just as newspapers can publish whatever they like, with little fear of the consequences, so they can ignore what they like too.

    Expect the press tp play down – or ignore – the Campaign to Implement Leveson; concentrate efforts on broadcast media and the Internet, where you will get a fair hearing on the merits of the campaign.

  16. Althea Preiss

    I am a South African, and would like to know how I can forward your petition to interested friends in South Africa. I am incensed by David Cameron’s attitude to the recommendations of Lord Levenson. One only has to look at the face of Madeleine McCann’s mother to see the havoc an out of control press can cause to ordinary people.
    We are not even discussing the out of control habits of bankers!!

  17. Miriam

    The press cannot regulate itself and it can and has ruined lives why should they be allowed to get away with this ?

  18. Katharine Bock

    In the 1990s in the Met Police press office the message was: if the newspaper will sell more than the damages for libel it will publish. The press had offices inside Scotland Yard. My only question is why has this taken so long?

  19. Joanne Harris

    Hughs Doc was the most competent, level headed message I have heard about this oh so important issue. I was absolutely appauled at the reaction of Conservative politicians and those with the decision making powers in this country to this issue, I actallu cried when I saw the underhand tactics of one specific journalist to get a selacious story about an actors daughter who was of no public interest. I am not a political animal, but I really hope, that like me, this subject has focused the publics attention on the joke that is our democracy at this current time in history. I would also mention my complete admiration for Hugh on The Andrew Marr show, how you remained composed when I was screaming ‘shame on you’ at the politician trying to support Camerons rediculous proposal I don’t know! I salute you sir.

  20. Bill Cort

    “freedom of the press” has not existed since rich people with political aspiration bought and owned the means of communication. Murdoch is not the only press/media baron attempting to exert his perverted megalomanic desires. ALL “owned” media has its agendas, accountable media, funded by the public, such as the BBC contains the ability to be called to account, by those who pay for it controlling its funding. And as “St Charlotte of Church” points out “Social media is, and should stay “free speech”.

  21. Alex Davis

    All previous attempts at self-regulation have failed because the press ignores the rules when they want. Enough is enough.Cameron, are the proposals “bonkers” ? Of course not, but you still say no. Proper regulation,underpinned by statute is absolutely necessary.

  22. Tony Crooks

    Other European countries have fair, reasonable and effective media regulation. There is No Reason for the UK to not do the same.

  23. Reg Barritt

    It comes to mind that PM Cameron given how close he has been to the press, for example Ms Brookes, really should declare an interest as is the norm in such matters and step aside and not involve himself in the process of implementing Lord Leveson’s recommendations.

  24. Lou and Ian Pugh

    The press have repeatedly failed after 6 previous enquiries to adhere to reasonable guidelines indeed their actions have become more damaging. The freedom which many of the tabloids seek is that to make money from the lives of others without being challenged and without staying within the law. I believe in a free press, but given the progressive loss of confidence in the media, feel I must a press complaint board with statutory underpinning.

  25. Philip Rose

    The current laws if applied are good enough – I no sympathy for Hugh Grant etc. Press regulation by Statute is the first stage toward complete state control – things are bad enough already with the BBC, Murdoch and the NWO agenda. Regulation by Statute will protect fraudsters, paedophiles, expenses thieves and others who exploit us. I say less regulation – everyone is game – McAlpine did alright after all (a trial would have been interesting!).

  26. Gareth Jones

    Been in the press for over 25years, honest, hard working ethical , journalists have nothing to worry over Leveson. The gutter press will be destined to the history books.

  27. Dave White

    The media lobby and establishment have neatly harnessed the term ‘Free Speech’ for their own cause. But who can really believe that a Press which is largely owned and monitored by rich Press Barons and moguls who have made their money from business has ever been ‘free’? The press has not only ruined the lives of many families & individuals, often in the most desperate of circumstances, but has lowered and stifled intellectual debate in our society for many years, using their own power to limit discussion and marginalise those with different perspectives that might question/threaten their own privilege or business models. . Who else can hope regulate our press but (at arm’s length) our ultimately, our elected bodies. Substitute the word democratic for ‘state’ legislation and you have a different perspective. Parliament may be far from perfect but it is democracy and ultimately accountable, unlike Murdoch and his ilk. I am signing because I want more free speech, and all my life have despised the tactics of the tabloids in driving so many innocent people to despair with lies and insinuations simply for their own profits. Implement Leveson in it’s entirety! And thanks & well done to Hugh Grant and the rest for giving voice to this in the face of media attempts, once again, to manipulate the debate in their favour.

  28. Tom Moore

    I was an early supporter of the hacked off campaign. I admire what it has achieved and how it has shone a light on many wrongs.

    However I now think the campaign is over stepping its original mandate. While regulation seems like the answer, it will cause problems. There are laws in place today that cover all the offences. They should be applied consistently. New laws just add complexity and red tape and will ultimately cost the wronged more.

    As I said an admirable campaign, but it may be a good junction to test whether all the supporters of Hacked Off support the entire direction. Lets be democratic?

  29. Rachie Ross

    I just want to congratulate Hugh for his time on radio 4 yesterday morning. I woke up to his passionate exchange and I thought he came across as robust, highly intelligent (which he is!) and very focused. The interview gave Sarah M a run for her money so to speak. Just one thing; next time don’t give a slight laugh as she thanks you at the end; it implied slight regret/embarrassment (ie I may have been too passionate/bet she think I went on and on etc) even if there were no such feelings on your part, a laugh/titter gives away slight emotional incongruence at that moment. You have every reason to delighted with how you came across and as a passionate supported of Hacked Off’s values I wanted you to ‘own’ the exchange as forceful for a very good reason! It’s a small point I raise but as a Therapeutic Coach I know how powerful a slight inflection can be in your voice.
    Keep up the good work and keep speaking up.
    Rachie Ross

  30. Glenys Canham

    Please, why do you not contact 38 degrees? There are very many people involved in that who would willingly sign this, but may not read a paper (for obvious reasons).


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