Hacked Off worked with the victims of various press abuses, including serial libel, hacking, intrusion and intimidation to help bring about Leveson’s public inquiry into the culture, practices and ethics of the British press.

Hacked Off are continuing to do all that we can, now that Leveson has announced his recommendations, to ensure that the Government respond to them as the victims think is fair and appropriate.

Prime Minister David Cameron poignantly described the test of the Inquiry in his own testimony: ‘It’s not: do the politicians or the press feel happy with what we get? It’s: are we really protecting people who have been caught up and absolutely thrown to the wolves by this process? If the families like the Dowlers feel this has really changed the way they would have been treated, we would have done our job properly.’ So far, David Cameron has ignored his own test, and the tabloid press are only covering the facts about Leveson which suit them.

This is what happened in the previous press inquiries of 1947, 1953, 1962, 1969, 1977, 1990 and 1993. Before the Internet, the press had no one forcing them to report their own wrongdoing.

Now, we can show the Government that there is public support for real press reform. You can help in the following ways:

Add your voice to the victims’ on the petition,

Write to your MP,

Share our posts with your friends.

Make sure that this time, the victims of press abuse see real justice for their suffering.

Read the victims’ stories here.

22 Responses to “SUPPORT THE VICTIMS”

  1. Jo fisher

    As part of the Quaker Socialist Group this week met with Tom Watson MP. in Parliament. Very impressed. Thank you for all your work on this issue.

    • Michael Collins

      Interesting phrase ‘ Crossing the Rubicon’. As an old Etonian, Cameron will have taken Latin and Greek, subjects which, say many, develop intellectual rigour. In his case, an interesting irony. On January 10th 49 b.c. Caesar (arguably the most famous Roman ever) crossed the Rubicon into Italy, returning with his legions from his governorship of Gaul. He broke the law and his decision led to a series of civil wars, culminating the overthrow of the republic and the establishment of autocracy. Caesar is regarded as perhaps the most influential Roman ever, and from this one event, much of subsequent history flows. The Rubicon changed the face of the world. Caesar did not know what would happen, he took a gamble (alea iacta est – the die has been thrown!)For him it ended with 23 stab wounds on the Ides of March 44 b.c. Paradoxically, in death he became a true immortal. No Rubicon, and regardless of your politics, no…….you can’t even begin to list it all. The world would be a very different place. Cross your Rubicon, Cameron and, and by doing so tell Murdoch, Coulson, Brooks and Co. the party’s over. Let’s finally cut the c**p and get back to some real grown up/joined up journalism. Even if you are lacking in it, at leastcredit the public with some intelligence and have the courage of some decent convictions, stand up for that which will enhance British culture instead of driving it down ever further into the gutter and wrecking people’s lives in the process of putting out a ‘story’. What can you be afraid of? I cannot, for one moment, imagine.

      • Vernon Stclair Williams

        When one quote history as facts, one must first have alinged experiences in order to be in acceptance, I find it inconceivable that for the last 40-50yrs the people of the world allowed themselves to formulate ideas and opinions pertaing to the Press and other sources of info as their truths,suddenly, since the hacking scandal, everyone have the self realisation that they have always been lied to, surely this is an insult to your God giving intelligence……


      Something needs to be ordinary people are being effected as well famous people its not right we should all boycott buying newspapers till the press changes its way

    • Vernon Stclair Williams

      That has always been one of the problem with the human race, they are easily impressed with the so-called esteemed, it would have been favourable had you shared with us whot impressed youi so…..

  2. Jane Rogers

    Working as a County Councillor from 2008 to 2012, I was subjected to numerous incidents of stalking and press intrusion. My request for assistance from various publicly funded bodies led nowhere. In comparison to the information featured as part of your worthy campaign I have little to complain about. I wish you every success.

  3. Clare berry

    I really can’t believe that anyone would think that it’s ok to print outright lies in a newspaper – I naively thought papers checked facts, asked for
    Proof from its journalists and acted legally.
    I will never buy a tabloid newspaper again and will campaign for that on my Facebook etc.
    Anything illegal should be condemned including provoking celebrities (isn’t that assault if I do it to someone in a bar!?) for reactions, stalking them with a camera (can I do that to some bloke across the stree or is that stalking…. I think so!)…
    There is one rule for me as a citizen and another if I have the tag of journalist..! Bullshit.
    I’m with you, hacked off!

  4. christopher whittle

    As a victim of press abuses of power and vile, evil intrusion – I am a survivor of the Hillsborough Disaster, and a campaigner for JUSTICE FOR THE 96, I fully support your campaign. I have signed the petition. I think there are some very shady, secretive reasons why Cameron does not want legislation regarding the Leveson Report, but that’s me being too political!!! If you get the chance, please read my book about Hillsborough, entitled ‘WITH HOPE IN YOUR HEART: A HILLSBOROUGH SURVIVORS STORY, THE DENIAL OF JUSTICE & A PERSONAL BATTLE WITH PTSD.’ The abuses of power by the press featured in the book is quite simply mind blowing. If there is anything that I can do to help please do not hesitate to contact me.


    Christopher Whittle

    Hillsborough Survivor

    HJC Member


    • Vernon Stclair Williams

      Mr, Wittle, there are no such thing as victims, your experiences of the particular events you wrote of gave you awareness and the dedication to share it, rejoice…

  5. John Lillywhite

    This report should only be the start! Journalists and their Bosses should have no more right to “cosy up” to MPs than a Pub Landlord. That is what I call free from influence BOTH WAYS.
    Journals should be free of POLITICAL influence, when rags like the Mirror/Grauniad have non-Lefty editors we will know that it has happeend
    MUCH MUCH MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Andrew Greenwood

    I am so angry about this decision, David Cameron has confirmed himself to be what many people have believed for some time, a shabby little spiv in the pockets of his corporate sponsors, he is not fit for office. I am urging everyone I know to sign this petition, the press in this country have been far to powerful for far too long, and the British establishment is rotten to the core, this needs to change, now!

  7. Alan Edwards

    This whole affair shows that all moral common sense & sensitivity had been chucked out of window.I really feel that the press should be reined in.

  8. Tom

    I am disgusted by some of the celebrities and others claiming to be victims in your campaign. This unfortunate trend of courting the press to your advantage then cry foul when they print something you son’t like was probably started by Princess Diana decades ago. For those genuine victims I feel sorry but we have existing laws that can redress this. We must never do anything to dimish our fundamental right to freedom of expression.
    Why are you asking for donation for this campaign when you have individuals like Grant and Rowlings as well as the McCanns who have already won over half a million in a libel case against the press?

  9. Malcolm Field

    I do not understand why representatives of the Press Barons are being allowed to get away with presenting this as a free speech issue.

    If I sell Pork Sausages to the public, they are supposed to contain pork. As things stand, the press are arguing they should be able to print whatever they want and claim it is true and news regardless of either its accuracy or origin.

    Nobody has suggested billionaires should not be able to write whatever they want and sell it to the public, that would be a free speech issue. The quality of the content of newspapers is a consumer rights issue as well as a freedom from lies and intrusion issue for those victimised.

  10. Katharine Tuohy

    To you…Sir (Prime minister David Cameron) I am nobody. Because we have never met and we may never meet ever. I get one chance to tick a small box
    every four years, and that’s if I grab the opportunity to let my voice be heard. You don’t know me, we might not even share the same political points of view. And if my vote is only worth a victory, or a place of privilege without gratitude, then… yes I am nobody and I am not important, but I have the knowledge and wisdom to recognise that a true leader doesn’t make me feel so.

  11. Steven Vincent

    I left a four-point critique of the Leveson recommendations, and why therefore they should not be ‘implemented in full’, here at the weekend yet it seems to have disappeared.
    Can you please tell me why? It couldn’t be that you do not tolerate dissenting views could it?

    • Vernon Stclair Williams

      Seemingly I can no longer reply on your contact list, Why? and the above mr Steven Vincent needs to know why his written percetion of the Levenson inquires has disappeared,surely he deserves a respond, that is of course if we are to continue to respect and admire the passion, the tireless hours and self motivation that members of hacked off put in to make it possible for others to express free speech..

  12. Vernon Stclair Williams

    The protcols clearly shows that an individual institution are merely but a leaf on the tree sustained by a branch, to seek justice or change is simple futile, for there are so many branches and leafs, in order to be effective, one must seek out their elders for shared experiences, one must look within for supressed feelings that were ignored, this can best be done by re-creating events, and you will be aware that what you felt then, you will be feeling now, the next thing is to seek the truth, to almost all people “TRUTH” is a myth, that is because they have accepted lies as truth,and proceed to defend or become evasive of it, with truth, you can attack the branches and the body of the trre will weaken, you must remember, Truth, peace, harmony, and “LOVE” is man`s collective desire, Why so? because he once lived it…
    Good luck to Hacked Off, may you mulitiiply and be successful…Ps, there will always amongst you those who are notn honourable…
    V,S williams.

  13. Dave Caygill

    My first comments. I’m not a regular computer user, just drop in now and again. Due to illness, I managed to see a lot of the TV coverage of Leveson. The stories were disgusting, brutal, gruesome; the attitudes of press ‘representatives’ patronising and supercilious. Perfectly and depressingly unsurprising. May I therefore just add my applause to the courage of those brave souls who gave testimony. I’ll write again.

  14. Dave Caygill

    2/ Signed the petition. Will write to my MP. Just a thought, when you ask folk to write to their MP, it may be that some folk want to write but are unsure how to phrase their questions, or how to word their letters. Some form letters or templates could help here perhaps. And tell folk not to be put off by what they get in return. If the reply is unsuitable however, please follow it up and write further. I am quite sure that many politicians would love to be able to speak

  15. Dave Caygill

    3/ (pressed wrong button – to continue:-) more freely, without worrying about what the following day’s press is going to print. I’d also argue here that writing to the politicians supports them, as well as the Hacked Off campaign. If a politician has a number of constituents letters to wave at dissenters, it proves they have the back up of their voters. This gives more clout to the campaign.
    Keeping it simple at first, I’ll write something like: Dear Sir, I support the Hacked Off campaign for a Free and Accountable press. I also argue that Lord Leveson’s recommendations should be implemented properly, so that the public, everybody, can have access to a regulatory body in which they can believe and trust. Please would you let me know your views on this. Yours Sinc . . . etc. Keep on campaigning!


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