The Sun and Mail on Sunday: not fit to regulate themselves as they demand

25 Jun
Jon Snow: 'insidious' Daily Mail publisher 'targets public individuals'

Channel 4 presenter Jon Snow has accused Daily Mail publisher Associated Newspapers of targeting public individuals, calling the group “insidious”. Snow told the Leveson Inquiry today he believed the Mail and Mail on Sunday was “pernicious and, at times, mendacious” when reporting on the private lives of politicians and others in the public eye. He

25 Jun
Leveson responds to claims he tried to gag ministers over inquiry

Lord Justice Leveson has today responded to a Mail on Sunday story claiming he tried to prevent politicians from speaking out about the effect of the Leveson Inquiry. The judge opened the morning hearing with a statement on a Mail on Sunday article, published last week, which claimed he had made an “angry” phone call

06 Feb
Jemima Khan denies being source of Hugh Grant's 'plummy-voiced' woman Mail on Sunday story

Jemima Khan has denied any knowledge of a “plummy-voiced woman” leaving Hugh Grant messages in her written evidence to the Leveson Inquiry. Khan, who dated Grant from 2004 until 2007, categorically denied having been the source of the story about a “plummy-voiced woman” who left messages on Grant’s mobile phone voicemail. The Mail on sunday