Thank you for signing the petition

Thank you very much for signing our petition and supporting the victims of press abuse. There are other ways you can help.

1) Help spread the word

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see real change in the way the press is run, because this is the first time social media can rival column inches and give the public a voice. Please share the petition with your friends on Facebook and Twitter and ask them to add their voices.

2) Help us continue to give victims a voice by making a donation

If everyone who signs gives us £5 we can start to match the massive resources that the media barons have poured into their campiagn to stop press reform. Please click here and be as generous as you can.

3) Get your MP to support Leveson

Please write to your MP to make sure they know that you want to see change in the way the press is run. By writing to your MP you can show that you want to see Lord Justice Leveson’s recommendations implemented and not ignored.