Where we get our money from

Hacked Off is a not for profit company which campaigns for a free and accountable press and to defend the victims of press abuse. It is reliant on donations from its supporters for its finances. Last year we raised substantial funds from the general public. We need urgently to increase the income from the public to ensure the security of our planned work.

Some of our money comes from online donations from our supporters. Such donations are vital and can be made here. Please spread the word that we are short of money. All donations are welcome and we were fortunate that Steve Coogan actually matched one of our campaigns.

In addition, we have some support from other organisations. These include a grant over 2013-14 from the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust, for £50,000.

Some of the victims of press activity have made donations from damages awarded from legal action taken. Hugh Grant has made the donation as promised as a result of his legal action against News International for hacking his mobile phone voicemails.

Finally, a number of people have given us money anonymously alongside our foundation grants, online donations and other gifts, and they have done it on those terms because they do not want their private lives turned over by vengeful newspapers. We understand and respect this, and we are grateful to them.

We have diversity of funding, meaning that we are not in the pocket of any one funder. Our funders do not determine our aims and policies: we have a board of directors who oversee that.

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