Newspapers misled the public over MMR, fuelling conspiracy theories and the anti-vax movement.

Don’t let them do the same with COVID. Add your name today.

For many, Coronavirus is a dangerous illness.  A successful rollout of tested vaccinations is critical to the safety of people most at risk from becoming seriously ill from the virus.

But newspapers have a record of misleading the public over vaccinations.  They did it over MMR, and for the last nine months some of them have been pumping out fake news about Covid-19.

We cannot let them do it again.  Too many lives are at risk.

As there is no proper regulator for the biggest newspapers, our only choice is to write to editors directly.

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Dear Editors

Press coverage of the flawed 1998 study into the MMR vaccine and autism caused public panic, confusion, and put children’s health at risk.

Nothing has changed.

Instead of making your journalism accountable, you remain outside any independent form of regulation.  This leaves the public exposed to the inaccuracies and conspiracy theories you choose to publish and propagate.

Conspiracy theories about COVID vaccinations published to your millions of readers risk undermining the effectiveness of the vaccine rollout – putting thousands of lives at risk.

For the safety of the public, and those most at risk of serious illness, we urge you to keep your reporting on COVID vaccines accurate, evidenced, and conspiracy-free.


The Great British public

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