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    There is now a designated thread for your Coronavirus questions.


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    William Brewer

    It claimed to come from an NHS peadiatrician that taking ibuprofen rather paracetamol is causing young people to become seriously ill when infected by Covid-19.

    What is the evidence for this.

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    Garry Fawcett

    Where did the prediction of 250,000 deaths in the UK come from?

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    Anne Booth

    In some parts of the press reports are that people can be asymptomatic with coronavirus or have very mild symptoms, so the only way to be sure is to be tested, yet the BBC says on a video on its website that if you have coronavirus you have to have a fever and a persistent cough. We need to know if we have the virus or have had it and everyone needs to be tested. My husband is a teacher who never normally takes time off – he is far more likely to be covering for colleagues than being ill. His school has lots of children and teachers off and self isolating – we have no idea, because there aren’t tests, how many of these have coronavirus and the press cannot report it. We now both have mild symptoms of what could just be a cold virus – coughs and sore throats and feeling very under the weather – or could be coronavirus – so he has been told not to come in to school and self -isolate too. We are happy to do this, but if it is just a cold we have, we would both rather get better in a week and then next week he could teach or I could volunteer to help deliver food the elderly etc or even help in hospitals to take some of the pressure off the staff. Because we are doing the right thing and self isolating for a fortnight this is a problem for our children who are supposed to be returning home from university. We look to the press and we don’t see consistency and we feel the BBC is giving a false impression that it is easy to diagnose. We need tests and we need the press to report more, that WHO says we need tests.

    I would also say that for Laura Kuenssberg as a BBC journalist to say that ‘the science’ has changed, is utterly wrong, as the editor of ‘The Lancet’ has said. Why can she say this to the nation unchallenged? More people will hear the BBC than read ‘The Lancet’.

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    Susan Williams

    I am one of those over 70’s, with high blood pressure and asthma and will have to socially isolate myself from this weekend. Would it be safe for me, as long as I have no virus symptoms, to walk in my local park for about 1 hour a day or alternate days. I live literally opposite my local park.

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    Steve M

    I’d like to know when when BBC is going to stop making a crisis out of a drama and a disaster out of a problem, without doubt the Covid-19 virus poses problems, but with due care, proper hygiene and a bit of self control most people will dodge the bullet so to speak. a small number will not, that said ‘ordinary’ annual flu causes 10k + premature deaths annually and no one blinks an eye, sad as it is let’s get a perspective, dong listen to Dr google, your mate on Facebook or that loud idiot down the pub (when it was open), don’t panic, don’t hoard and above all rely on ‘honest’ sources, take reasonable steps to protect your own well being but don’t make yourself with worry you will become ill !!

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    Steve M

    A reply to a post (Anne Booth), testing is fine BUT it’s a bit like an MOT, you pass the test at 10.30am but at 2pm that afternoon your front wheel falls off. The test is valid there and then ONLY, get tested 24 hours later you may have a different result.
    As said in a previous post, trust honest, qualified and independent sources, Laura loves a drama, the Lancet loves the facts, this is a new variety (strain) of flu NOT the bubonic plague, it is a sad but indisputable fact some will succumb to it, as some will to the annual flu season, what on earth is the problem, get with the programme (not the BBC one) we’renot going to run out of toilet rolls, much as the hoarders try, the end of the world will come but not yet !!!!!

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    Steve M

    Reply regarding Ibuprofen, this is an anti inflammatory and does (or can have an effect mild probably but it’s an unknown, that is on the immune system), first Paracetamol is the drug of choice for flu, it reduces temperature, eases aches and pains HOWEVER, it is not recommended for children under 16 in the adult dose/format, if you are unsure what to take or give to a child or other vulnerable person, ask a QUALIFIED health professional (Pharmacist, Doctor, nurse practitioner) don’t put it out to a public vote !. Be sensible, don’t panic and don’t follow some idiots advice who thinks sucking a lemon keeps it away and such. The NHS website gives all the info you need, there is a specific format for children in tablet, syrup and suppository formats. Always read the label and information sheets enclosed, don’t exceed the doses specified and if you or your child have never had paracetamol before just use common sense and check there’s no adverse reaction after administration or continued use.

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    Alan Garrlock

    Government worst case projection is 80% catch Corvid-19 and 1% die. UK population is 66M, 1% of 80% is 528,000. Twice that 250,000 figure. I’ve also seen figures where 4% die… more than 2M

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    Dr Ben Knighton

    This panic is more destructive than a disease, which for most will be something of a cold. We are ruining our pensions and our children’s earning future, more than the financial crash ruined the salaries of ordinary people for a decade or more. Why not concentrate on the capacity of the NHS, and the elderly vulnerable, while everybody else works and studies to provide the resources that these need? Are the British public going to wear this for two months let alone 12, when they realize it is easier to live with than measles and chickenpox, which we all expected as children? We have never stopped the British economy or society for a disease before, so how on earth is the taxpayer going to compensate every earner for loss of income. It is crazy and I write as somebody with longstanding heart disease and diabetes in the wrong age bracket.

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    Dr Ben Knighton

    The authorities are hoping to halve the number of deaths with good health care. Britons will be catching the virus well into into 2021 and beyond without a vaccine. Thus we can look at 264,000 a years, mostly retired people with an underlying illness, such as heart disease, diabetes, or high blood pressure, more likely to die in short-term anyway. At the last count in 2018 616,000 died anyway, and nobody was testing them for a particular ‘flu virus. There will then be a large overlap between those dying labelled COVID-19 and the average number who would die anyway. Why be scared by numbers, or indeed death when so many are crying for death to come or euthanasia? The under-60s without underlying disorders, unlike my cortisol-deficient 12-year-old, are the least of our worries. N Italy’s problem with its over-aged population and China’s with its former one-child policy are that they are out of demographic kilter. With faith I long to be bereft of this entropic body in a world of no freedom or safe investment.

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    The Independent published a map: 1,960 confirmed cases, 71 deaths, 53 recovered. The numbers don’t quite add up, when will they update on the other 1,836 cases

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    Olwen Marmion

    Please could you tell me why vulnerable people( we are both in our eighties and my husband has respiratory problems) aren’t being tested. We have carers coming in twice daily and we are putting them and their families at risk. They are key workers for us and should be tested too.

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    alan m Dransfield

    I can’t understand why they are not recommending facemask.On the contrary, they claim they offer little protection. Asian footage shows 99% of people wearing masks. The cross contamination of the virus is via droplets entering the nose and mouth and eyes so surely a mask covers the mouth and the nose.

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    Janet Hardacre

    My query is: how are the numbers of people with the virus being reported? How is the testing being done and who decides where it is to be done? Is there some sort of database that someone taps the information into which is then sent to the newspapers or the office of Public Health? Similarly with the deaths? Are all the nations of the world sending their information to a worldwide logbook or the WHO? 2 weeks ago, on our television screens, there were pictures of Iranians numbering 1500 being buried in mass graves, supposedly having succumbed to the Coronavirus. Can that story be believed?

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