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    James Clark

    Time now for rationing. Johnson has said we are at war, the first casualty of war is the truth he killed that several years ago, the second civilians it seems starvation will kill more elderly, vulnerable, isolated people and those that can’t get to every shop scouring shelves on a daily basis than the virus will if nothing is done to stop this greed. No good expecting people to be considerate after all “there’s no such thing as society, just the individual”, Johnson is a prime example, people have been shown it’s good to grab, stab others in the back, lie and cheat. We live in a rural area shop once a week and cook proper meals, we can’t get any flour at all. What do those who live on shop pizzas, burgers and white wrapped sliced bread want wholemeal bread flour for. We are not alone, many others we know including our postman are in the same boat. Rationing made sure everyone got some food to eat in the 1940s time for it again in the 2020s

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    Hacked Off

    If you need medical advice or have questions about Government protocol please go to https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus

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    D C Robertson


    Boris Johnson was told of this and has refused to tell the public, giving credence to accusation that he is trying to use this bogus C/V lies to burn peoples bodies who have died from austerity and filled up the morgues/ice rinks and cold storage depots in the uk…….and attribute their deaths to C/V not a nazi policy of murdering the poorest, weakest and sickest.

    This is real information, as yet the msm refuse to print it, in order to continue with their vile misinformation terrorism.

    99.997% of people recover.

    Contagion Factor of Measles is 18
    Contagion Factor of Sars is 4
    Cotagion Factor of C/V is 2

    If Sars wasn’t a pandemic, it is not possible that the C/V can be anything other than a media liefest frenzy to terrify people.

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    Regarding paracetamol and ibuprofen for reducing temperature – there is a lot of evidence that a fever is nature’s way of fighting an infection https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2011/11/111101130200.htm and not dangerous if the temperature does not get much too high

    I have found the most reliable source of information has been the MD column in Private Eye – unsensational, & realistic.

    Indeed, havig been an Eye subscriber since 1965, the Eye is practically the only source I would trust – and fortnightly it details the shenanigans newspaper editors get up to in the Street of Shame column – so I cannot make out why the poison midget Ian Hislop is so viciously anti Hacked Off.It would be good if he could tell us how he can have 2 contradictory views at the same time – “shome mistake, surely…”

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    Elizabeth Reed

    Somewhere on TV a few days ago, I heard a report that many Big Pharma Companies in the US had decided not to look for the Covid-19 vaccination as it would cost too much for research when it would all be over before the relevant vaccine was found. Unfortunately I can not remember from where. Does any one else remember hearing it apart my husband and me?

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    Michael Oakes

    The difference is that vulnerable members of society are usually protected by a vaccination. The COVID-19 virus come with no such protection so until some sort of antidote is produced I’ll be keeping myself to myself thanks.

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    Heather Wilshaw

    I am concerned at the way journalists are using the Question and answer session on the daily update to try and trip up the ministers or medical officer/scientific advisers. They often ask the same question as a previous person and generally ask things that have been asked days before. When will they actually ask things that are relevant and helpful. I am also disappointed with the BBC, who this Sunday on BBC1 did not cover the minister statement at all but came into it halfway through the question and answer session. I want to hear what the minister himself says and straight from his mouth not from a BBC presenter putting forward their view on it. What the Minister and scientific advisers and medical officers say is important, personally I think the question and answer session has become boring and repetitive and not worth listening to.

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    Replying to Steve M, a correction: The end of the world is extremely unlikely, the end of the human race is very likely, but not through covid-19 and not yet. It will most likely be due to the effects of overpopulation, still rising rapidly and covid-19 not making so much as a dent. https://www.worldometers.info/

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    Hacked Off

    Hello everyone!

    Please note, if you need medical advice or have questions about Government protocol please go to https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus

    Stay safe,
    Hacked Off

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