Hacked Off Condemns Publication of Photographs of Prince

Sun’s actions ‘flagrant proof that our national newspapers are incapable of regulating their own affairs’.

The Hacked Off campaign condemns the decision of the Sun to publish photographs of Prince Harry taken at a private party.

Hacked Off, which campaigns for press reform, notes that the Press Complaints Commission Code of Practice states: ‘It is unacceptable to photograph people in private places without their consent.’ If it is unacceptable to take such photographs it is obviously also unacceptable to publish them, so there can be no doubt that the Sun has today breached the code.

Hacked Off director Brian Cathcart said: ‘This is the country’s biggest-selling newspaper breaking the industry’s own code despite clear warnings. It is flagrant proof that our national newspapers are incapable of regulating their own affairs.

‘The Sun’s argument that this is about freedom of the press is nonsense. This is about the Sun’s right to trample over the industry’s own feeble rules when it likes, and also to invade people’s privacy whenever it chooses.’

“The Sun’s actions also reveal that Rupert Murdoch’s company News International has learned nothing since the hacking of Milly Dowler’s phone by the News of the World was exposed, and it has failed to live up to promises of ethical and responsible conduct given by its executives at the Leveson Inquiry. 

The industry’s case, made at the Leveson Inquiry, that it should be allowed yet another chance to regulate its own affairs is thus revealed to be nothing more than a cover for further abuses of press power.”

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John Dreply
August 24, 2012 at 2:25 pm

Yet again the The ScUM has shown its true colours – self regulation is failed regulation – Leveson take note!

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