Hacked Off’s response to the Leveson Consultation

Our response to the Consultation can be found here.

Further to our main response, please also find below further evidence and analysis in support of our position.

  1. The following publications produced by Hacked Off in support of our position. These documents highlight the failures of the status quo and need for reform.

  2. Hacked Off’s chart on how the Charter system operates, and the nine locks on freedom of the press – Available here. This chart demonstrates how there is no possibility for political interference in the Royal Charter model of regulation.

  3. The list of 25 commitments to deliver section 40 by Conservative Ministers and spokespersons – Available here. This table shows how many times the Government have committed to section 40 in the House.

  4. A list of opinion pieces and analysis from legal and academic experts in this area – Available here. The consultation asks for the views of academic and legal experts. These are articles and reports by experts in law and academia which have been published.

  5. YouGov polling which shows that the public support section 40 commencement, Leveson Part Two, and further legislation if section 40 is ineffective in bring newspapers under the regulation of a recognised regulator – Available here.

  6. A second YouGov poll which shows further evidence for public support for section 40 and reform of press regulation – Available here.

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