The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have told the editors of British tabloid newspapers that they won’t engage with their outlets


The newspapers identified are the Daily Mail, The Sun, The Mirror and The Express.


Hacked Off Policy Director Nathan Sparkes said,


“It is regrettable that during a time of crisis, when quality public interest journalism is of critical importance, some certain sections of the press have instead seen fit to persist with invasions of Harry and Meghan’s privacy, some newspapers have said that the letter is irrelevant despite publishing a plethora of other articles about the couple in the last 48 hours.


“It speaks volumes about the largest newspapers’ approach to self-scrutiny that this letter has received little coverage in some of the titles identified, despite its unprecedented nature.


“This is how some of the largest publishers operate: never acknowledging the legitimate and strongly held complaints individuals raise about the ethics of their conduct, while continuing to wage campaigns of harassment against those who dare to criticise them under the guise of press freedom.


Rightly the letter is defensive of the press’ right to hold individuals accountable, but in doing so newspapers must abide by basic ethical standards. Until these publishers join an independent recognised regulator, that will not happen.


While Harry and Meghan may be fortunate enough to afford legal action and professional representation, countless members of the public regularly face similar treatment without access to the same resources. Lives have been ruined by inaccurate and bullying reporting with little to no recourse for those affected.


Citizens look to the media to speak truth to power and act in their interests. Too often, it targets and bullies them. Until newspapers join a recognised regulator that acts in the interests of the public, this will repeat.”



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