How We Are Funded

Hacked Off is a not for profit company funded by supporters like you

We are reliant on donations from our supporters. Last year we raised substantial funds from the general public. We need to urgently increase our income so we can continue to campaign on behalf of press abuse victims.

Most of our funding comes from donations from our supporters. Such donations are vital and can be made here.

We also have some support from other organisations. In 2013-15, the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust generously provided us with £100,000.  Recently, Steve Coogan matched the funds raised through an online appeal.

Some of the victims of press activity have made donations from damages awarded to them from legal action taken. For example, Hugh Grant kindly gave us the damages he received from News International for hacking his mobile phone voicemails to help us campaign for those people who can not afford the lawyers needed to take on News Corp.

Finally, we are grateful to a number of individuals who made donations. Some of these individuals have asked us to respect their confidentiality because they do not want their private lives turned over by vengeful newspapers or trolls. We understand this and will respect their right to confidentiality.

We are working hard to maintain a broad range of funding avenues, so we are not in the pocket of any one funder. Our funders do not determine our aims and policies: we have a board of directors who determine those and conduct due dlilgence over all donations.