Protect the Leveson reforms

The press barons and their friends in Government have thrown everything at the Leveson reforms ever since they were enacted by Parliament, in 2013.

They are a threat to the press’ ability to abuse members of the public and print falsehoods with impunity – and the Murdoch media and the rest of the national press have fiercely lobbied against them.

But thanks to Hacked Off supporters, Leveson’s system hasn’t just survived. It’s thrived, and the only Leveson-standard regulator is now even more popular than IPSO – the sham complaints-handler controlled by some of the national newspapers.

We still have work to do to get national newspapers into independent regulation. But there is no denying that the Leveson system works, and its popularity is growing.

This has left the press – and the Government – desperate. They know they only have two years until the next General Election at most, and will stop at nothing to disrupt and damage the system before then.

So now they have announced plans to use legislation to target the Leveson framework.*

We need to keep the system intact for another two years, until we have a new Government prepared to end corruption between politicians and the press, and act in the interests of the public.

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* Read more about the Government’s plans to attack the Leveson system here:

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