Response by Core Participant Victims' solicitor to High Court judgement

Dominic Crossley, lawyer representing Core Participant Victims at the Leveson Inquiry said:

“The judgement of Lord Justice Richards will be welcomed by the victims and everyone determined to see the Leveson recommendations implemented. That said, I think it is enormously disappointing that Pressbof should have taken this desperate step.

“The huge resources of Pressbof’s backers at News International and Associated Newspapers have been focussed on armies of lawyers in this wholly negative and ultimately hopeless strategy.”

“I hope that today has been a sobering experience and that they now commit to a more constructive course of rising to the challenge of regulation conforming to Leveson’s recommendations as contained within the Royal Charter and urgently needed by the public.”

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Elaine Decoulosreply
October 30, 2013 at 11:10 pm

Well said Dominic. I always knew how aggressive their lawyers were and I don’t think even LJ Leveson believed it at first. These are some of the most aggressive lawyers in the country, if not the most aggressive. I suspect they will keep fighting, as they indicated at the end of the hearing.

As Kenneth Clarke MP said during his evidence at Leveson, contrary to how things were when he entered politics, the press now run the country. It won’t be easy for them to give up their power, though they are fast losing it. Only a change in management and/or ownership can stem their hubris. The alternative appears to be implosion, now on view in Court 12 at The Old Bailey.

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