Today’s judgment is in response to an application from lawyers acting for the Mail on Sunday (Associated Newspapers Ltd) to “strike out” (remove) four particulars of claim which support Ms Markle’s claim for misuse of private information. The particulars are “facts of the case” presented by Ms Markle’s team.  The application was successful.


In total there are three claims being made by Ms Markle.  The strike out action relates only to one of those claims, and at that, not the substantive claim but aggravation.


Hacked Off Policy Director Nathan Sparkes said, 


“Today’s judgment makes no difference to Ms Markle’s substantial claim for misuse of private information, with the particulars struck out relating only to aggravation. The judge has been clear they may yet be relied upon, if a case can be made. Regardless, the other two claims remain wholly unaffected.


“Harry and Meghan have been dragged through the mud by the Mail, which has waged a campaign of intrusion and abuse against Ms Markle in particular.


While Harry and Meghan may be fortunate enough to afford legal action and professional representation, countless members of the public regularly face similar treatment without access to the same resources. Lives have been ruined by inaccurate and bullying reporting with little to no recourse for those affected. 


“Until newspapers are independently regulated the press bullying and intimidation suffered by Harry, Meghan, and hundreds of members of the public every year will continue.”




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