The Hacked Off Story

Established in 2011, Hacked Off campaigns for a free and accountable press.

We work closely with victims of press abuses but we are open to all. More than 175,000 people signed our petition calling for implementation of the recommendations of the Leveson Inquiry, and thousands more have signed our Leveson Royal Charter Declaration. We are not affiliated to any political party.


The Leveson Report showed how to protect ordinary people from cruel and unethical treatment by the press while at the same time safeguarding freedom of expression. Hacked Off urged and assisted the main political parties to put its recommendations into action, and this happened with the Royal Charter on press self-regulation that was endorsed by every party in the Commons in March 2013.

Hacked Off is currently campaigning for full industry participation in the Charter system, which offers substantial benefits for news publishers while giving the public vastly improved access to justice and to fair and effective complaints handling.

Sadly, parts of the industry led by the biggest newspaper corporations – the Murdoch papers, the Mail and Telegraph groups and Trinity Mirror – are resisting this. In their determination not to be accountable for their own wrongdoing they are abusing the power of the press to promote myths and falsehoods about Leveson, the Charter and anyone who supports them. Hacked Off rebuts these at every opportunity and in every available forum.

In 70 years of arguments about press abuses and how to tackle them Britain has never been so close to a solution that will protect ordinary people from unjustified bullying, lying and intrusion by newspapers, without in any way preventing journalists from performing their vital role in society. Hacked Off is determined that this one-in-a-generation opportunity is not lost.