Hacked Off board member and press victim Jacqui Hames speaks out on R4 about Sun’s most recent controversy 

Today Hacked Off board member and press victim Jacqui Hames took to Radio 4 to discuss the Sun’s most recent victim-journalism abuse against Ben Stokes and his family. She said:


“I felt physically sick when I read that headline”


“I fail to see any public interest in dragging up such an appalling tragedy. In my view this breaches the Editors’ code. Ben Stokes mentions that he feels this is appalling journalism. This is certainly supported by the other victims of press abuse that we work with through our advocacy service.”


“The public still feels even after the Leveson inquiry that nothing has changed and they have independent recourse when articles like this appear.”


“In a world where so much is happening, how on earth can this story be the most important issue to put on a front page?”


“Although [IPSO] have the powers to issue large fines and launch serious investigations into editors code breaches they never have done so because they are regulating themselves, it’s not independent.”


“[The press] has been crowing for the last few years saying so much has changed since Leveson, it hasn’t changed. In the last few days we’ve seen gareth thomas hounded, we’ve seen the RLNI smear, they’re getting away with these sorts of stories with impunity.”


“In response to the #boycottthesun: “It’s not for me to tell people not to buy newspapers, I think we have some of the most wonderful journalists in the world in this country and I will always support good, investigative, independent journalism but [they need to be] released from the influence of our non-dom press barons who have their own interests at heart.”


You can listen to the full interview here:



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David Bronnertreply
September 17, 2019 at 4:10 pm

Awful behaviour by a terrible newspaper seeking readers at any cost

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