The Leveson Royal Charter Declaration

LEADING FIGURES ARE SPEAKING OUT – NOW IT’S YOUR TURN PLEASE SIGN THE DECLARATION, DONATE OR SPREAD THE WORD ONLINE Leading figures in literature, arts, science, academia, design, human rights, business and the law have signed the Declaration to send a strong message to press bosses:  embrace the Royal Charter and give the British public a… Read more »

The ‘Regulatory Funding Company’ – further proof that the big press companies learned nothing from Leveson

by Brian Cathcart The people behind IPSO, the big newspaper companies’ PCC retread, have announced the initial membership of a body called the Regulatory Finance Company (RFC), the Guardian has reported. This is further evidence of their determination to reject independent, effective self-regulation on the lines recommended by the Leveson Report, endorsed by Parliament in… Read more »

Andy Coulson “rubber-stamped” cash payments for royal phone book, trial hears

By Martin Hickman Andy Coulson, former editor of the News of the World, today gave his explanation for why he approved a reporter’s requests for cash payments to police officers. He told the phone hacking trial that he “rubber-stamped” the requests because he didn’t believe the money was actually being paid to police officers. Mr… Read more »