Guest posts

We regularly host guest blog posts on our website from individuals and organisations interested in writing about issues related to media freedom and accountability.

We are always on the lookout for new content, so if you would like to help us campaign for a free and independent media by writing a blog post for us, then get in touch.


How to write for us

You can email us at with any ideas.  We cannot promise that we will publish anything you send up front, so it is better to send an idea of what you have in mind first.

We are interested in anyone who has an interesting perspective on media freedom & accountability, usually informed by specific experience or expertise.

We particularly welcome posts from people affected by press misconduct.

We may propose edits to your submission and, if so, will run a final version by you for approval.

Authors will be fully credited.

Often, we will add a short paragraph at the foot of your post setting out a response or comment from Hacked Off.  This will clearly be identified as Hacked Off-authored content, so that it is not confused with your content.


Policy on guest posts

  1. Guest posts do not necessarily reflect the views of the Hacked Off Campaign.
  2. Content is published and remains published on the Hacked Off website entirely at the Campaign’s discretion.

We rely on people like you to make a difference.

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