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White supremacism, the press and the absence of regulation

False newspaper stories are being shared as propaganda by neo-Nazis and white supremacists. Watch our latest video to…

More Broken Promises, Lies and Betrayal

The Culture Secretary, Matt Hancock MP, deliberately misled the Commons when he announced the Government’s plan to cancel…

Hacked Off and Hugh Grant demand #Leveson2NOW

The case for Leveson Part Two is as strong now as it was at the time of the…

Paul Dacre, former editor of the Daily Mail, Chaired the Editors' Code Committee for many years.

Very Forgetful Editors

Every Editor and press baron here pleaded the defence of incompetence 6 years ago. We still don’t know…


John Cleese Explains section 40

We will have a fight on our hands if Section 40 is repealed. We cannot allow the Government…


Baroness Sayeeda Warsi delivers our Fifth Annual Leveson Lecture – Video

Read the full transcript of her speech here.


Steve Coogan settles hacking claim with Trinity Mirror Group and names former Mirror executives who have ‘not yet been subjected to proper scrutiny’ over phone-hacking.

Front Page Failures

Front Page Failures video – watch and share!

Download our Front Page Failures report on how IPSO lets the press bury its most offensive mistakes!  …

Vince Cable

Sir Vince Cable delivers fourth Annual Leveson Lecture – Video


Theresa May: Guarantee Press Victims Access to Justice
Jo Brand Lecture

Jo Brand delivers our Third Annual Leveson Lecture – Video

Hacked Off’s 3rd annual Leveson lecture, “The end of 300 years of press freedom? Pull the other one”…

Press Abuse Victims

Watch now: new press victims tell their stories

IPSO is now a year old. Has it lived up to those promises? Has IPSO raised press standards…