Very Forgetful Editors

Every Editor and press baron here pleaded the defence of incompetence 6 years ago. We still don’t know how much they really knew and who covered up what. That’s what Leveson Part 2 promises to unearth.


Sign our petition now to apply pressure on the Government to reverse its decision. The investigations that were promised must go ahead. Those in charge must be held accountable. #Leveson2NOW

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Michael Wardreply
March 4, 2018 at 12:07 pm

The Attorney General is covering up serious criminality committed by the Mail on Sunday. On 3rd July 2015, in the face of my threatened judicial review, he undertook to re-consider my request for an inquiry into the scandal. The Attorney General promised me a substantive response ‘within a month’. Thirty two months later, no such substantive response has been forthcoming. It is my belief that the cancelling of Leveson 2 is owed, in part at least, to the Government’s determination to keep covering up this scandal at Associated Newspapers. I have written to Paul Dacre charging him with lying to the Leveson Inquiry. I have been promised an answer next week. Leveson 2 is needed for numerous reasons, among them the need to ensure this cover up is brought to an end and that Associated Newspapers finally admits that, far from being an upholder of the law, it committed far more serious criminal offences even than News International.

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