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Hacked Off are committed to exposing the failures of the press industry’s toothless regulator.

Corporate national newspapers refused to implement Leveson’s recommendations. Instead they revamped their discredited self-regulator, the Press Complaints Commission, giving it a new name: the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO).

IPSO is a sham – it isn’t raising press standards, it is giving editors a continuing license to do what they want.

Read more on IPSO’s failures here.

Hacked Off are campaigning for Part 2 of the Leveson Inquiry into police and press corruption to take place.

Part 1 only looked into press regulation, not the specifics of any wrongdoing, the conspiracies or cover-ups. Part 2 could not begin until the criminal and civil trials had been completed, which they now have.

We need Leveson Part 2 if we are to get to bottom of the alleged collusion between police, press, and politicians. Evidence of police corruption and newspapers’ cover-up of widespread illegality cannot be allowed to be swept under the carpet.

Read more about why we need Part 2 of the Inquiry here.

Hacked Off are campaigning for the commencement of a key access to justice measure – Section 40 of the Crime and Courts Act.

Suing a newspaper for libel or invasion of privacy is expensive. Equally, most small publishers cannot afford to defend themselves against claims by rich individuals or companies.

Section 40 is designed to level the playing field, to provide access to justice for the public whilst protecting investigative journalists from the costly legal threats of rich litigants.

The big newspapers are fighting tooth and nail to stop Section 40 happening. They don’t want those they have wronged to have quick and cheap access to justice.

Read more about our fight to guarantee press abuse victims access to justice here.

Victim Liaison

Hacked Off works closely with victims of press abuse and intrusion, offering them assistance and advice when they find themselves at the centre of unwanted media attention.

We understand that ill-health, trauma, tragedy and bereavement can often be magnified by press intrusion and harassment.

If you would like advice or assistance, or wish to share your experience with us in confidence, please visit our Victim Liaison page.


Hacked Off responds to Cairncross Review’s final report

Today, the Government have published the Cairncross Review’s final report.  The Review was established to explore how to protect the viability of the press, and in particular the local press.   The Report is published here in full, and Hacked Off’s press release is available here .         Kyle Taylor, Hacked Off’s…

Fictitious Daily Mail story on ‘migrant-infested’ French suburb receives small correction…6 months later!

In July last year, the Daily Mail published a double-page spread “exposing a Paris suburb overrun with illegal migrants.” Eight days later the Mail Online were forced to pull the online version of the article following claims of gross inaccuracies. The two-page article by Andrew Malone titled ‘POWDER KEG PARIS’ detailed a French suburb supposedly…

A victory for the Trumps

A week after they ran a featured cover story headlined: “The mystery of Melania,” the Daily Telegraph has apologised and agreed to pay substantial damages to the US First Lady. In an extraordinarily candid correction issued last Saturday, the newspaper stated how the story “contained a number of false statements which [they] accept should not…

Press Releases

Spread of disinformation and fake news a threat to UK democracy, says report

Today the DCMS Committee published its report on Disinformation and “fake news”. The report’s recommendations include: Statutory regulation for social media companies Tools to assist the public in determining the reliability of news sources   Hacked Off Director Kyle Taylor responded, “Today, after an 18 month inquiry, the DCMS Committee has published its final report…

PRP Report finds IPSO fails Leveson tests; calls for access to justice for media claimants

The Press Recognition Panel has today published its annual report considering the success of the recognition system, which certifies press regulators as independent and effective. Participation in the recognition system is incentivized by protections on political interference in press regulation and a provision which makes legal claims far cheaper to defend for newspapers within the…

The Cairncross review does not address the greatest threats to the future of the press in the UK, says Hacked Off

Frances Cairncross today released her report on the future of the press in the UK. The independent report is an overview of challenges facing journalism in the UK, putting forward recommendations to help protect its future. Hacked Off has responded to the report in more detail here.   Hacked Off’s Executive Director Kyle Taylor responded,…