Who was hacked? A new report looks at the victims of phone hacking.

25 Mar
Dicing with Death: the sensational reporting of suicide and death to sell newspapers

By Daisy Cooper (Additional research by Georgia Tomlinson)   The daily newspapers in February made for sombre reading. There were five stories, comprising 13 articles, where editors used instances of suicide and death to sell papers. On Wednesday 11 February at 23.06, the BBC posted an article online by political editor Nick Robinson entitled “Who’s winning

23 Feb
What Oborne told Leveson…

  by Daisy Cooper Peter Oborne’s resignation from the Daily Telegraph last week was accompanied by trenchant criticism of his former employer. But Oborne has always been independent-minded and critical of wider aspects of the British press, and he set out some of his criticisms when he gave evidence to the Leveson Inquiry. Here are