Respect and Decency Should Replace the Ridicule AND Mockery

28 May
Effective press regulation will happen: Five reasons to be confident Leveson will be implemented

Brian Cathcart The big corporate papers are encouraging the idea that the result of the general election means the end of the Leveson process. Although this claim is hardly surprising given their wild-eyed desperation to avoid any form of meaningful accountability, it is wrong. Here are five reasons to be confident that independent, effective press

05 May
The first six months of IPSO. Have the editorial standards of the British Press improved?

Georgia Tomlinson   Last month marked the six-month anniversary since the big newspaper groups’ new regulator, IPSO, picked up where the failed PCC left off. At the beginning of 2015, we began publishing a regular blog, highlighting the lack of any discernible improvement in press standards. Sensationalism continues to trump accuracy, and often little or

05 May
Elveden and the merits of independent scrutiny

by Brian Cathcart Leader writers and columnists are delighted that charges have been dropped against a number of journalists caught up in the Operation Eleven corrupt payment investigation, following earlier acquittals in similar cases. This, we are told, is proof that a campaign to ‘chill’ good investigative journalism has failed, and that a Leveson-inspired witch-hunt