Revenge porn. It’s criminal…except when it makes a good front page

29 Sep
Brooks Newmark, Public Interest and the Editors’ Code – will IPSO act?

On Saturday 27 September 2014, Conservative MP and Minister for Civil Society Brooks Newmark was approached by the Sunday Mirror and was confronted with the fact that he had exchanged “X-rated photos” with an undercover reporter posing as a female party activist. Later the same day Mr Newmark announced that he was resigning from the Government and told the

02 Sep
“They are doing this to me because of what I am, not what I have done, aren’t they?” Zoe Lee, 20, a Romany Gypsy cleaner monstered by the UK press.

By Mike Doherty Just as the controversy over the hyper-reporting of the suicide of Robin Williams was beginning to fade, West Mercia Police were called to a house in the village of Pow Green, Herefordshire, where they discovered the bodies of a retired businessman and his wife. Both had been killed by a single gunshot