Mirror hacking hearings heap fresh embarrassment for IPSO

23 Feb
What Oborne told Leveson…

  by Daisy Cooper Peter Oborne’s resignation from the Daily Telegraph last week was accompanied by trenchant criticism of his former employer. But Oborne has always been independent-minded and critical of wider aspects of the British press, and he set out some of his criticisms when he gave evidence to the Leveson Inquiry. Here are

18 Feb
Was Peter Oborne right about the Telegraph’s coverage of the HSBC scandal?

(Published with permission from the author Dr Gordon Ramsay, Research Fellow, Media Standards Trust and Visiting Research Fellow. It was first published on the KCL Policy Institute blog) On Tuesday 17th February Peter Oborne resigned as chief political commentator at the Telegraph, with an article published on OpenDemocracy claiming, among other things, that “The Telegraph’s

17 Feb
Hacked Off responds to Peter Oborne’s resignation from the Daily Telegraph

In an article headlined ‘Why I Have Resigned from the Telegraph’, the paper’s chief political correspondent, Peter Oborne, makes a series of startling allegations. His piece for Open Democracy, which was clearly written with a heavy heart, exposes a series of decisions – chiefly about the troubled HSBC bank – where Oborne claims commercial considerations

09 Feb
‘Toothless’ press regulator is a busted flush, but genuine post-Leveson reform is still on the way

Since the dust settled on the Leveson Inquiry and its recommendations, much of the UK media has sought to portray the newly-formed Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) as the answer to the press regulation question and the end of the story. Steven Barnett argues this is far from the case, and genuine independent regulation through