The Sun’s lying headline and the hopelessness of IPSO

10 Nov
The Press Recognition Panel is far from a waste of time and money

Written by Steven Barnett, professor of communications at the University of Westminster The Press Recognition Panel was painstakingly put together in a manner that will guarantee complete insulation from any conceivable political interference or pressure, writes professor Steven Barnett. Anyone reading Ray Snoddy’s Newsline piece last week could be forgiven for concluding that the Press

06 Nov
Mistakes happen – it’s how you deal with them that matters

September Press Monitoring blog – Georgia Tomlinson In September we noticed an unusually high number of corrections in the press. Some of these reflect inevitable journalistic mistakes, others are deliberate, reckless or the product of careless journalism. When errors are made the Editors’ Code requires them to be corrected “promptly and with due prominence”. Unfortunately

28 Oct
Leveson Costs Incentives, Cries of Foul from the Dirtiest Players on the Pitch

By Jonathan Coad Howls of outrage from the press led by Lord Black have apparently persuaded the government to withdraw its statutory stick in the form the Crime and Courts Act 2013 which was passed by our elected representatives to prevail on the press belatedly to join the democratic community and be independently regulated. The mischaracterisation

30 Sep

AUGUST MEDIA MONITORING BLOG By Georgia Tomlinson The shocking front-page photo of Aylan Kurdi – the three-year-old Syrian child who drowned in the Mediterranean whilst fleeing to Europe – published on 3 September prompted an overnight u-turn in the previous month’s reporting of the Syrian refugee humanitarian crisis. After weeks of hostile reporting, some commentators