Leveson Part 2

Only half the job has been done. The Leveson Inquiry was always supposed to take place in two parts.

We cannot get to the truth of the criminality and corruption in the press and police without Part Two. Anything less than a full inquiry into these issues is a betrayal of victims.

On 20 July 2011, the then Prime Minister, David Cameron announced the final Terms of Reference for the The Leveson Inquiry into the culture, practices and ethics of the press.

The Terms of Reference divided the Inquiry into two parts and it was felt that the best way to proceed was to have one inquiry with two separate parts.

The first part of the inquiry looked at the culture, practices and ethics of the press. The second part is meant to investigate the relationship between journalists (in particular those employed by News International) and the police, and corporate governance failures at news organisations.

On 1st March 2018, the Culture Secretary, Matt Hancock, told the House of Commons that the Government would be cancelling the second phase of the Leveson Inquiry.  This is a betrayal of victims of press abuse and the wider public. Even Sir Brian Leveson himself “fundamentally disagreed” with the Government’s decision.

But the fight is not over!

The Government’s ‘Online Harms’ bill is our greatest opportunity since Leveson to change the rigged system. We are currently campaigning to ensure any plans for social media regulation applies to newspapers and news websites too.

It is time to level the playing field – your tweets should not be more regulated than the Sun.


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