The Fake News Ferret reports on more than 50 examples of “fake news”, distortion and misleading COVID coverage in the national press

Hacked Off have published a one-off edition of the “Fake News Ferret”: a newspaper setting out more than 50 examples of fake news, conspiracy theories and distortions published in national newspapers about the Coronavirus.

IPSO has not upheld an adjudication about a single one of them.

There is a serious risk that newspaper misreporting about COVID could extend to reporting on the vaccines.  Newspaper conspiracy theories and disinformation about the vaccines could have a major impact on the success of the vaccine rollout.

Irresponsible reporting of discredited research on the MMR vaccine caused terrible harm only 20 years ago.  This must not repeat.

Read the newspaper below, and sign our petition calling for newspaper editors to stick the facts on the vaccine.




















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Dear Editors

Press coverage of the flawed 1998 study into the MMR vaccine and autism caused public panic, confusion, and put children’s health at risk.

Nothing has changed.

Instead of making your journalism accountable, you remain outside any independent form of regulation. This leaves the public exposed to the inaccuracies and conspiracy theories you choose to publish and propagate.

Conspiracy theories about COVID vaccinations published to your millions of readers risk undermining the effectiveness of the vaccine rollout – putting thousands of lives at risk.

For the safety of the public, and those most at risk of serious illness, we urge you to keep your reporting on COVID vaccines accurate, evidenced, and conspiracy-free.

The Great British public

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