Former Police Officer & Crimewatch presenter Jacqui Hames calls for Leveson 2 after settling hacking claim

After many years, News Group has finally admitted responsibility for its unlawful actions and has, quite rightly, offered to apologise for the invasion of Jacqui Hames’ privacy and harassment. A statement was read in open court confirming the settlement of her hacking claim and after the hearing this morning, Jacqui said outside of court;

“To my own case against News Group, News International as it was then, News UK as it is now, to think that they undertook surveillance and harassment of myself and my family at a time when my husband was investigating a notorious murder where, in fact that company had links to the suspect in that murder is nothing short of appalling, and requires so much more scrutiny than has been allowed so far.

This is clearly, as you heard Hugh say, an industry wide problem which requires part two of the Leveson inquiry, to get the full scope of not only criminal activity, but activity that completely disrupted the lives of innocent people unnecessarily.

The government appear to be supporting the news corporations in court today by failing to follow through with part two of the Leveson Inquiry.

We once again have the press being judge and jury in their own court, and this is a situation which is completely unacceptable and that can no longer go on.

I would really urge the government to rethink and to carry on with part two of the Leveson Inquiry.”

Note: Please find the Statement in Open Court available here.

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