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Pseudo-science at The Telegraph

The Telegraph has been described as “Fleet Street’s last dinosaur of climate change denial” by climate science expert Dr Bob Ward, and with good reason.

The paper has been responsible for a number of false, inaccurate or misleading stories about climate science over the last few years.

Yet even on issues as important as this, IPSO has failed to order an investigation.

Among the articles found to be misleading are:


And the Telegraph’s pseudo-science doesn’t end with climate change.  Recently, when it has come to COVID coverage, the Telegraph has again been caught out promoting falsehoods and misleading content.

These have included:

If ever there were grounds for a standards investigation, surely false and misleading coverage of national emergencies like COVID and climate change should be sufficient?

IPSO is currently on… 

without a standards investigation

(and counting)

How do they get away with it?


The Times on Muslims.  The Telegraph on science.  The Jewish Chronicle on accuracy.  The Daily Mail’s treatment of the public.

All four of these publications have let down their readers in different ways, and all should be held accountable.  But instead of acting to protect the public, the complaints-handler IPSO has failed to investigate any of these patterns of misreporting in its seven years of existence.

It’s a record which should shame the organisation.

And if none of these cases of serious and systemic standards failures are sufficient to trigger an investigation, what will be?

The Times is libelling Muslims at an extraordinary rate.  The Chronicle has breached the code more than thirty times in three years.  The Telegraph squeezed seven inaccurate stories about a public health emergency into less than four months.  The Mail has caused terrible harm to at least six people over the last few years.

What more could possibly go wrong for IPSO to start holding these publishers accountable?

The truth is that a standards investigation has always been a remote possibility.  When the newspaper industry drew up its plans for IPSO they crafted the rules to make it almost impossible for an investigation to be launched.

That is how we arrived here: seven years of IPSO’s existence, countless cases of abuse, disinformation and discrimination in the press – and yet not a single standards investigation.

The result is that newspapers are emboldened to continue to act, to lie and to abuse, with impunity.  Until IPSO is replaced by an independent regulator, they will continue to do so.

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