Cameron's comments are 'an insult to victims of press abuse'

The Prime Minister claimed today in relation to introducing the Leveson press reforms: ‘I’m the friend of the victims who want a deal in place.’

Responding, Professor Brian Cathcart, Executive Director of Hacked Off said:

The victims of press abuse who work with Hacked Off regard these comments as an insult. They believe that, time and time again since the Leveson Report was published, the Prime Minister has betrayed them.

Mr Cameron promised that the test of what politicians did would be what families such as the Dowlers and the McCanns felt, but he has ignored them.

The Dowlers spoke today of their disappointment that the Leveson recommendations were being ignored. Dr Gerry McCann told the Prime Minister he must now choose between the press barons and the public.

Mr Cameron promised to keep the victims ‘front and centre at all times’, but he has not met any victims since the Leveson Report was published. On February 11th, he actually refused to meet victims. Instead he has had numerous meetings with newspaper editors and proprietors.

Mr Cameron’s Royal Charter proposal is a shameless sell-out to his friends in the national press and bears no comparison with the alternative Charter backed by Labour and the Liberal Democrats.

Support victims of press abuse. Email your MP asking them to vote against David Cameron’s Royal Charter on Monday.

We rely on people like you to make a difference.

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Colin. Enrightreply
March 17, 2013 at 3:24 pm

Shame on you Cameron
Start working for the people instead of your own petty self,
I have stopped voting for the Torys , give up and go away you traitor to the people

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