Daily Mail Hypocrisy : As millions mourned the death of the Queen – the paper continued to churn out clickbait

From 11am – 12.15pm on Monday, 19th September, millions of people from around the world are reported to have watched the Queen’s funeral.

But not everyone treated the event with the same reverence.

Take the Daily Mail, for example. It was around 26 minutes into the service when the MailOnline announced on its website: “Heather Graham, 52, flaunts her incredible figure in a string bikini as she enjoys a holiday to Italy” – an article which did little more than reproduce images from the actress’ recent Instagram post; adding its own analysis of her body and swimwear.

When the MailOnline chooses to publish its seemingly endless supply of voyeuristic clickbait is its own business.

Many organisations chose to stay silent throughout the funeral, either out of respect for the Queen and her family themselves, or in recognition of the fact that millions of other people felt affected by her passing.  Other media organisations tended to report only on the funeral and on matters of genuine public interest.

If the Mail felt that an actress’ holiday pictures merited a report in the middle of the service, that is up to them.

But it is evidence of – yet again – brazen hypocrisy from the paper.

Because only the following day it published an article attacking Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for singing karaoke the night before the funeral, labelling him “thoughtless and disrespectful”.

The article went on to criticise, without a hint of irony, “the insufferable moral superiority of the Left”.

However one feels about Trudeau’s behaviour, he hasn’t – not publicly at least – lectured others on how they should behave in respect of the Queen’s death.

The Mail, on the other hand, continued to run cheap, voyeuristic, clickbait articles at the very moment the funeral was taking place – while loudly condemning the behaviour of others.

It is important to protect freedom of speech, and if The Mail do not believe the Queen’s funeral is worthy of respect, then that is up to them.

But they should not, at the same time, seek to lecture others on the topic.

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