Daniel Morgan Independent Panel report: Comment from Jacqui Hames

Commenting on the Daniel Morgan Independent Panel Report, published today, Hacked Off Board Director and target of News UK intrusion (as described in the Report) Jacqui Hames said,


“Today’s Report confirms that the Panel considers there to be strong evidence that the way my family and I were targeted by News UK journalists was part of an attempt to deliberately discredit the Morgan murder investigation.

“It is sickening to think that my family’s safety and wellbeing might have been disregarded as part of a plot to protect a murderer from seeing justice – and, in doing so, to prolong the suffering of the Morgan family who have waited so many years for accountability.

“The Chair of the Panel herself, Baroness O’Loan, was critical of the Panel format, arguing that a Public Inquiry would have been the appropriate means of addressing these matters.

“Given what the Panel has found in respect of corrupt relationships between the press and the police, the Second Part of the Leveson Inquiry must be re-established without further delay.”



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