Victims of press abuse given green light for legal challenge to Government’s cancellation of Leveson Part Two


The Judicial Review launched by the victims of press abuse to challenge the Government’s decision to suppress the completion of the Leveson Inquiry has been given permission to proceed.

In giving permission, the judge found that the claim had sufficient likelihood of success to proceed on all grounds cited.

Permission was not granted for the victims’ Judicial Review of the Government’s failure to commence and intention to repeal section 40 of the Crime and Courts Act 2013. It is likely this will be appealed.


Commenting, Hacked Off Executive Director Dr Evan Harris said,

“Just days after they again sought to suppress the completion of the Leveson Inquiry by opposing relevant amendments in Parliament, the Government risk embarrassment and humiliation over the prospect of a successful legal challenge brought by the victims of press abuse.

“The Government made commitment after commitment to see through the Leveson Inquiry, so that the victims could learn the truth and lessons for the industry could be learned.  It is appalling that the victims have been put through the costly and arduous process of seeking legal action to see those commitments met by the Government – yet as this action shows, they have no intention of giving up.”


The Grounds cited are:

  1. Legitimate expectation
  2. Irrationality/failure to give reasons
  3. Unfair/irrational treatment of consultation responses
  4. Manifesto promise to cancel is evidence of Government’s closed mind


The Court indicated that the application would be heard in October 2018.  

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