Hacked Off and 38 Degrees merge petition totals

On November 29th 2012, hours after Lord Justice Leveson announced his recommendations for the regulation of the press, Hacked Off launched a petition calling on all three party leaders to implement his proposals. Days later, campaigning group 38 Degrees joined us and launched the same petition on their website.

Today, seven weeks since Leveson’s Report was published, we have combined the totals on the Hacked Off and 38 Degrees websites to create a new joint total of 171, 920.

Thank you very much for your continued support. If you haven’t yet signed the petition you can do so here. If you’d like to be involved in the next phase of the campaign, you can participate in the consultation on our draft Leveson Bill here.

To ensure that signatures were not counted twice in our joint total, we have de-deuplicated all of the email signatures using a process called hashing. Hashing is a secure way of encoding data which we used to ensure that there were no duplicates without sharing personal information between parties. You can find out more about hashing here.

The individual totals before the joining were 147, 930 on the Hacked Off site and 28, 296 on the 38 Degrees site. A total of 4, 307 duplicate signatures were removed during the hashing process.

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