Hacked Off respond to Tory MPs’ letter on press regulation in the Guardian

The Guardian have published a letter from an influential group of 42 senior Tory MPs in which they show support for a limited form of statutory press regulation and reject the newspaper industry’s proposals for continued self-regulation in order to ‘curb press excesses’.

In response to this letter, Professor Brian Cathcart, Director of Hacked Off said:

“This is a welcome development which shows that demands for a truly effective and independent system of regulation are coming from right across the political spectrum.

“The idea that the newspaper industry can get away with the shocking treatment of families like the Dowlers and carry on with business as usual is clearly nonsense.

“We hope the Prime Minister will seize the opportunity presented by his own backbenchers and agree to hold cross-party talks on how to take forward Lord Leveson’s recommendations as soon as it is practical to do so.”

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