Hacked Off responds to “despicable and cruel” Herald coverage.


The family of James Bulger have criticised the use of his image in an article which also includes images of murderers and rapists.


Hacked Off Director Kyle Taylor said,


“The use of James Bulger’s image alongside those of rapists and murderers, including the very individuals who took his life, is despicable and cruel.


This coverage is possible because The Herald is a member of the industry-controlled complaints-handler IPSO, which does nothing to protect the rights and dignity of those who have lost their lives.


The newspaper editors who control the standards code for IPSO have built multiple loopholes into the code, which permit member newspapers to get away with appalling abuses.  Among them is a total failure to protect the deceased from abusive coverage; allowing newspapers to callously exploit individuals’ deaths in stories like this.


Until IPSO is replaced by an independent regulator, James and others who have passed away can and will be treated the same appalling way.”



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