IMPRESS passes first cyclical Press Recognition Panel review for independence and effectiveness

Today, the Press Recognition Panel (PRP) confirmed that the IMPRESS media self-regulator continues to meet Leveson’s requirements for a regulator which is independent of the state, politicians and the industry.


Commenting, Hacked Off Director Kyle Taylor said,


“Having been recognised by the PRP, IMPRESS continues to be the only print and online media regulator with the independence and effectiveness necessary to protect the public while ensuring freedom of speech.

“In guaranteeing basic standards of competence, independence and effectiveness for recognised regulators, the recognition system is delivering for the public, for journalists and for newspapers.

“Whereas IMPRESS-regulated publications enjoy constitutional protections against political, state and industry interference, it is disappointing that most national titles continue to persist with industry-controlled complaints-handling systems such as IPSO, which are not only subject to industry control but vulnerable to political involvement as well.”




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