Intrusion into grief and shock: coverage of Kobe Bryant’s death 


Even the industry-controlled Editors’ Code is clear that coverage after a death should be “handled sensitively”. Yet the Daily Mail has today published photographs of Kobe Bryant’s friend LeBron James grieving, and “in tears”. Other newspapers have published highly speculative reports about the crash, and images reportedly showing the scene of Bryant’s death.


Commenting, Hacked Off Victim Liaisons Rose Hayden said,


“Sections of the press routinely disregard the privacy of grieving people, causing egregious added distress to those suffering loss. We’ve previously heard reporters callously say that “grief sells newspapers”.


The largest newspapers, including the Daily Mail, are not subject to independent regulation so there is no regulatory way to hold them to account. They are members of the industry complaints-handler IPSO, which does not meet the Press Recognition Panel’s tests for independence and effectiveness.


A competent regulator would investigate and seek to protect the public, but IPSO will not. In all likelihood it will only take any action if those intruded upon personally take the time to initiate the arduous complaints process themselves.


IPSO will continue to stand idly by while elements of the press heartlessly invade the lives of those in pain, without offering meaningful regulatory recourse to those affected.”




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