Tabloids allegedly offered Meghan Markle’s costar thousands of dollars to lie


Simon Rex claims that several UK newspapers offered him thousands of dollars to lie and say the two dated. Tabloids have referred to Rex as Meghan’s “porn star ex” although they never actually dated. In May 2018, The Sun ran “an exclusive” interview with Rex where the paper claimed he spoke about why he didn’t get a “second date” with her.


Rex says he and Markle categorically have never dated. He alleges that UK tabloids offered him around $70,000.


Hacked Off Director Kyle Taylor said,


“Meghan Markle has been subjected to repeated intrusions and abuses over several years. If true, the allegations that UK tabloids attempted to bribe those around Ms Markle into selling false stories would show breathtaking arrogance from publishers which are virtually unaccountable.”


The Leveson inquiry was established in 2011 under the Coalition government because the public were outraged by press behaviour. The experience of the Duchess of Sussex, and of so many other victims of press abuse, prove time and again that nothing has changed. As long as the Government fails to implement the Leveson recommendations, these scandals and abuses will repeat, and the Government’s do-nothing policy will become increasingly untenable.”


The press wield power and influence unaccountably. The current system does not work in the interests of the UK public and compulsory independent press regulation has never been more important.”



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