Phone hacking: BBC director general candidate accused of destroying evidence


Will Lewis, one of the applicants reportedly shortlisted to be the next head of the BBC, has been accused of aiding the concealment and destruction of millions of emails relating to phone hacking at the News of the World and allegedly at the Sun.


Hacked Off Director Kyle Taylor responded,


“Will Lewis has been accused in court papers of significant involvement in the email deletion policy at News Corporation, which led millions of emails to be deleted immediately after it became clear that the illegal practice of phone hacking took place at the News of the World.


“Lewis should not be anywhere near the BBC Director General job until these allegations have been fully investigated, either through court action or the Second Part of the Leveson Inquiry.


“This is yet another example of how the Government’s decision to abort the Leveson Inquiry before it had finished its work has left dozens of questions unanswered.”



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