Press abuse victims welcome David Cameron agreement to meet

At Prime Minister’s Questions today, when asked by Jeremy Corbyn, David Cameron said he would be willing to meet with victims of press abuse.

Victims of press abuse welcome the Prime Minister’s offer to meet.

He said he has met them, but the last time he did so was in November 2012 on the eve of publication of the Leveson Report.  Nine months ago the Government reneged on the cross-party agreement and the personal promises made by the Prime Minister, and since then victims have sent two letters to him requesting a meeting.

Coming nine months late, and only under the glare of PMQs, victims are nonetheless pleased that the Prime Minister has finally agreed to their request to meet with them.

Gerry McCann, who was a signatory on those letters, said,

“We have been waiting for a response to our request for a meeting for nine months, so I am pleased that the Prime Minister has finally agreed to do so.”

Hacked Off also welcomed the meeting, with a spokesperson saying,

“Although the Prime Minister claimed he had met with phone hacking victims, the last recorded meeting that Hacked off are aware of was in 2012 before the publication of the Leveson Report, so it is overdue.

“In that meeting he promised to implement Leveson in full and begin Leveson 2 when trials have finished, but recently representatives of his Government have announced that they are prepared to renege on both of those promises which were made to victims of press abuse and others, and subsequent promises the Prime Minister has made in Parliament.”



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